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Exam Retake Policy

The following wait periods will be enforced when attempting an exam:

After the first attempt After the second attempt

Minimum 5 days Minimum 14 days

Note: The wait period starts the day of the last unsuccessful attempt.

If you write and pass an exam before the wait period is over, the certification will be considered invalid and you will need to rewrite the exam once the wait period has ended. This will be at your own expense.

Each exam can be attempted a maximum of 3 times in a 3 month period. For example, assume your first attempt is on February 1, your second attempt on February 20, and your third on March 30. If you need to attempt the exam again, the earliest you would be able to do so would be May 1, after the first attempt drops out of the 3 months period.

Once you have passed an exam, you cannot retake the same exam unless the exam objectives change.

  • If the objectives for an exam change, the exam number will also change

Candidates will only be allowed one attempt at beta exams.

Why is there a retake policy?

There are several reasons why an exam retake policy has been implemented for the BlackBerry Certification Program.

Within the certification industry it is common to implement a waiting period between retakes. Wait periods help ensure that the certification the candidate is working towards remains as valuable as possible.

The wait period assists with security and integrity and helps to provide a consistent basis for measuring the skills and abilities of candidates. Waiting for a period of time helps to demonstrate that the candidate truly understands the job tasks being verified.

The wait time also allows candidates to review areas where they received low scores.

Beta exams

RIM oers beta versions of some of its exams as new and updated questions are developed. Beta exams provide you an opportunity to attempt a new exam before it is released to the general public. A beta exam will consist of up to 300 questions to be completed over 4 hours.

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