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If you are an existing BlackBerry certified professional and the updated exam is not successfully completed within the retirement period, your certification will lapse.

Note: For the purposes of the BlackBerry Certification Program, a product is considered to be discontin- ued when RIM does not release any further service packs or hotfixes for that product.

Managing your Certification

The BlackBerry Certification credential manager allows you to track and manage your BlackBerry Certifica- tion Program profile and status.

Using the BlackBerry Certification credential manager you can:

  • View and update your profile

  • View your exam history

  • Monitor your certification progress and status

  • Submit support requests

  • Publish your credentials to a third party

  • Access logos and other certification materials

Upon completion of your first exam, your results will be imported into the credential manager and you will receive an email message outlining how to activate your account and verify your results. You will also be as- signed a BCPID that will be your unique identifier within the BlackBerry Certification Program and should be referenced in all correspondence with the BlackBerry Certification Program team.

Through the BlackBerry Certification credential manager, you will be able to monitor your full exam history, your certification status and certification expiry dates. The BlackBerry Certification credential manager can be accessed at www.blackberry.com/mycert.

Once a certification has been achieved, the credential manager will trigger the processing of your welcome package. As your profile information will be used to distribute your welcome package, it is important that this information is kept current. Access to BlackBerry Certification Program logos for the certifications achieved and guidelines for their usage will also be made available for candidate use through the BlackBerry Certifi- cation credential manager.

In addition to allowing candidates to manage and monitor their BlackBerry Certification Program profile and results, the credential manager can, with candidate agreement and permissions, facilitate the verification of BlackBerry Certification credentials to third parties through the Publish Credential and Credential Verifi- cation features. For more details on these features, please log into the BlackBerry Certification credential manager at www.blackberry.com/mycert or contact the BlackBerry Certification Program team at www. blackberry.com/certification.

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