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Swing-Open Tailgate

The swing-open tailgate permits unmatched engine serviceability. It’s made of die-formed quarter-inch steel, which eliminates the need for the cast counterweights found on competitive excavators. The tailgate latch is hidden, and opens with a lever located in the operator area. The upper structure of the excavator is also made of quarter-inch steel for superior strength in all applications.

Right-Side Access Cover

The fuel fill, control valve and associ- ated plumbing are quickly accessed by a tip-forward cover that locks open in two positions. The first position is for fuel filling and routine daily maintenance. By removing a stop, the cover can be opened further for even greater access to hydraulic components.

Two-Speed Function On Blade Lever

The two-speed activation function has been moved to the backfill blade handle. Pressing the two-speed button puts the machine in high range; pressing it again shifts the travel circuit back to low range. This eliminates the need for the operator to “hold” the two-speed in high range. A light on the console indicates when the travel circuit is in high.

Auxiliary Function Control

Located on the right- hand joystick, this system gives you fingertip control of auxiliary hydraulic functions. No other excavator brand offers a variable-flow auxiliary system on the joystick. The system also features the capability of detented flow in both directions.

Instrumentation, Electronics and Shutdown

New instrumentation includes sweep gauges for engine temperature and fuel level, amber- lighted icons indicating when various machine functions are active and several red warning icons. There is also a digital readout for engine hours, job hours, and engine rpm. A switch on the instrument panel allows the operator to toggle between these modes.

If engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure or hydraulic oil pressure reach the critical level, the monitoring system will shut the excavator down to lessen the chance of damage to the machine.

Control Pattern Selection

This feature allows the operator to quickly switch between ISO and Standard control patterns. The selection lever is located in the operator’s area for convenient access.

Work Lights

The standard lighting package includes both boom-mounted and frame- mounted adjust- able lights. The frame-mounted unit is located on the left front corner of the machine. If additional lighting is required, cab-mounted lights are available as accessories.

Training Resources

Operator and service training kits are available from your Bobcat excavator dealer. These comprehensive programs use video, manuals and hands-on operation. A Spanish-language version is also available.

Two-Piece Pedals

Travel and boom offset functions are controlled by two-piece folding pedals. When these functions aren’t needed, the rear portion of the pedals can be folded forward and the offset pedal can be locked stationary. This allows the operator to use it as a footrest, as well as opening up more floor area for foot placement.

The angle of the pedals has also been optimized for more comfortable operation.

Centralized Greasing

For ease of servicing, grease zerks for the swing pinion, swing bearing and offset cylinder are in a centralized location on the right front corner of the excavator.

Control Console Lockout

Raising the left console locks out the joystick and traction functions. A light on the console indicates when the lockout system is off (controls active).

Cab Option

The optional cab is equipped with a heating and ventilation system. The super-efficient cab heater lets you work in comfort even during the coldest winter months.

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