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Napa/Solano Area

Introduction to NA Workshop Format


Welcome to the Newcomers Workshop of NA

Introduce those leading the workshop and explain the type of meeting

Serenity Prayer (explain)

Court Cards - READ:

Court cards will be signed and ready for you at the end of the workshop.  Please be aware that the signing of court cards is a courtesy provided by Narcotics Anonymous, NA is not required to sign them.  We cooperate, but never affiliate with courts, hospitals, recovery houses, or other 12 step programs. (Mention that some meetings do not sign Court Cards)

NA Related Announcements (Does anyone know what an NA related announcement is?  Give examples of inappropriate announcements.)

Meetings & NA Membership

Types of meetings (explain) (How to use meeting guide legend; Open vs. Closed; Closed means addicts only;)

Home Group (explain) (Regular attendance; Way to get to know people; Introduction to service; Business meetings; Home Group need not be part of mtg. name.)

NA Membership - READ:

The 3rd Tradition states the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.  Membership is not automatic when someone walks in the door, or when the newcomer decides to stop using.  The decision to become part of our fellowship rests with the individual.  (Explain)

Readings at meetings: What is the NA Program, Who is an Addict, Why are we Here, How It Works, 12 Traditions, Just for Today (explain why these are read; Reference “White Pamphlet”)

Total Abstinence - As defined by NA (Have volunteer read last two paragraphs of How It Works, discuss; Reference “In Times of Illness” IP and possibly WSO Bulletin “Regarding Methadone and Other Drug Replacement Programs")

Clarity Statement - READ:

At NA meetings we introduce ourselves as addicts.  When our members identify themselves as “addicts and alcoholics” or talk about living “clean and sober” the

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