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    Poll (required) - Single question, up to 8 multiple choice answers.

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    Question: 65 characters

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    Answers: 70 characters


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    Polls can display one multiple choice question at a time.

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    Users can select one answer from the multiple choice options.

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    Poll results are displayed after a user hits the Submit button, or upon clicking the View Results link

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    Poll results display is not customizable

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    Background image, marketing message and leaderboard can be customized.

  • RSS feed (optional) - Link must be in the form of an RSS feed. For Twitter, Facebook

or YouTube, client must provide user name or ID.

  • Video (optional) - Video files (MP4, MOV, FLV, URL based video or YouTube link), Max file size: 30 MB

  • Custom tab (optional) - Client may want to provide downloadable assets available through a custom tab. Custom tabs are not dynamic populated but manually updated in the tool.

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      Requirements: Link to asset

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      Asset title: 65 characters

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      Short abstract: 150 characters

  • Messaging area

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      Large messaging area and call-to-action.

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52 characters including spaces for large text (24px) 75 characters for medium text (20px)

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      Messaging body: 445 characters for small text (12px) Call-to-action and URL

  • Tracking

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      Clickthroughs: User clicks on a link within the click is tracked

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      Poll results: Poll results can be reported by question

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      Click tracking is possible on the following modules:

RSS feed Custom tab (asset downloads)


Hovers: Initial, consecutive and subsequent

Initial: User runs their mouse over the module for less than 3 seconds. Consecutive: user keeps their mouse hovered over module for 3 seconds or longer

Subsequent: User initially hovers over module, mouses away, and then hovers over an ad once again.

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    User interacts with the scrollbar in module (one scroll per unique user)

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    Video: standard tracking video play/pause % played

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