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        Third-party tracking links/pixels okay.

  • Pop-up Specs

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      Dimensions: 700x625 pixels (approximately 5.5” x 5” landscape, 4” x 3.75” portrait).

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      Creative: Visual and interaction design must conform to existing functionality and may be provided by client or can be executed by us.

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      Content: include text, video, links, animated .gif and static images. Videos must be encoded to meet design dimensions, use h.264 and be less than 10 MB.

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      Interactions: Video play and clickable links/images. May include multiple videos that users can select. Pop-up does not resize on rotation. Users can use multi-touch gesture to expand video to full screen.

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      Custom Interactions: Transitions/animations/additional content types must be approved by us. To be developed using Javascript by us.

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      Must include close button/link on upper right side of ad.

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      Third-party tracking links/pixels okay. One pixel for pop-up.

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      Video tracking is currently limited to starts only.

  • Ad Development

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      Ad development executed by us using custom HTML 5/Javascript and CSS.

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      Note: iPad screens have 132 ppi resolution. The ad will appear smaller on the iPad than on a traditional screen.

  • Video Requirements

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        Video resolution: 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9)

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        For iPad Video IMU: Only 640x360 (16:9) acceptable for Video IMU ad

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        File size: 15 MB max.

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        Framerate: 30fps max. (recommend lowest possible)

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        Audio Bitrate: 160 Kbps max. (recommend 128 or lowest acceptable)

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        Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz max.

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        File Format: Mp4

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        Encoding: h.264 with ACC audio

Clients wishing to provide optimized video files prior to delivery should adhere to the specs above and provide a 640x480 (4:3) or 640x360 (16:9) video still to be used as the initial frame seen by users.

We can optimize provided video files of 90 seconds or less to match the above specs. We will balance video and audio quality with the file size restrictions as effectively as possible. Video length is affected by factors such as framerate and audio settings and aspect ratio. As a rule of thumb, a 15 MB file with settings of 24fps/128Kbps/48kHz will allow for at least 90 seconds of video.

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