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iPad Cover Flow

  • Unexpanded unit is 728 x 90 px (leaderboard), no animation or sound

  • Expands to full screen carousel, optimized for landscape orientation

  • Carousel promotes 3–7 assets

  • Each asset has a content page

  • Video plays in unit

  • Delivered to iPad visitors (90%+ of IDGE tablet-based audience)

  • 7–10 working day turnaround from receipt of all materials

  • Content

    • »

      Overall design can be developed by IDGE or client/agency with guidance from IDGE to ensure design is compatible with functionality.

    • »

      Any change in to functionality or template will require custom development charges and additional development time.

    • »

      Assets can include any mix of: videos, Summaries of downloadable PDFs (ungated) and mobile detail pages — maximum of 7 assets.

    • »

      Video size and quality is optimized for mobile bandwidth, optimal length is less than 3 mins.

    • »

      Downloadable PDFs should be tested for compatibility with iPad and files size should be optimized for mobile download

    • »

      Mobile detail pages can contain images, links and text and can link to any URL.

    • »

      Text should be short, bearing in mind a mobile audience

  • Interactions

    • »

      Expands on user tap to carousel

    • »

      Carousel is controlled by user swipe gesture, no mouseover or hover effects

    • »

      Tapping on carousel icons opens asset pages

    • »

      Collapses on user tap of close button

  • Video

    • »

      Video File: 16:9 aspect ratio ideal, 4:3 accepted. Max file size 10mb, final video will be optimized for mobile bandwidth

    • »

      Preview image will be generated from video

    • »

      No clickthru URL

  • Downloadable PDF

    • »

      Headline: Max 50 chars (including spaces)

    • »

      Summary: Max 120 chars (including spaces)

    • »

      PDF: File (should be optimized for mobile bandwidth by reducing file size as much a practical)

    • »

      PDFs should be ungated, IDGE hosted or client hosted.

  • Mobile Detail Page

    • »

      Copy: Provide headline, copy and other text suitable for the page. Usually less than 150 words

    • »

      Design: Provide website, image files, style guide or similar direction for design

    • »

      Links: Provide calls to action and destination URLs (can be tracking links)

    • »

      Client can provide PSD file for the panel.

    • »

      Requires coordination with IDGE to ensure design is compatible with the format.

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