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Air Travel:  An Overview

Types of Aircraft

There are mainly two types of passenger aircraft:

Jet aircraft: Jet aircraft are powered by jet engines or jet propulsion.  Jet aircraft are used for long-distance travel.

Turbo Propeller aircraft: Turbo propeller aircraft are powered by turbojet engines or fuel-efficient turbofans.  These aircraft are used for covering shorter distances between cities and also in cities where the topography, etc. limit the length of the runway.

Commuter aircraft: Commuter aircraft are used for 19 or fewer passengers and operate over short distances as regulated by national and international permissions.

Booking Class / Classes of Service

There are only three sections (and sometimes only two) of a plane: First, Business, and Coach / Economy.  These are referred to as First class, Business class, and Coach class.  When flights are booked in a reservation system, they are booked in a specific class of service for the section of the plane that was requested.  The passenger always has a choice of what section of the plane to sit in, but what section they choose will have an effect on the price (fare) of their ticket.  Now, since there are only three sections of a plane, you would think that there are only three fares that the customer can be charged.  There are many different fares for every flight.  The fare depends on many factors, one of which is the class of service.

First Class

First class seating is generally located right behind the cockpit of the aircraft.  The seats in First Class are wider than coach class.  They also have wider armrests between the seats so that people are not sitting so close to each other.  Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and meals are served to First Class passengers.  The meals are usually a little more substantial than the meals served in coach class.  First class passengers also receive complimentary headsets if a movie is shown on the flight.  On long (usually overseas) flights, some airlines offer fully reclining seats that allow passengers to rest more comfortably.

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