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Different Types of Flights of Breaks

Let’s take a look at the different types of flights.

Non-Stop Flight – A flight that makes no stops

Direct Flight – A flight that makes a stop en route, but continues on to the destination without a change in planes (equipment).  For example, DL293 flies from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  This flight makes a stop in Dallas before continuing on to Los Angeles.  Passengers do not have to get off the plane in Dallas to get to their destination.

Connection Flight – A flight that hooks up to another flight to get the passenger to his / her destination.  A domestic connection is 4 hours or less between two flights and an international connection is 24 hours or less.  On a ticket, or in a PNR, an X by the city code indicates a connecting flight.  For example, a customer wants to go from Atlanta to Honolulu on American Airlines.  AA does not have one non-stop flight that will take the customer directly from Atlanta to Honolulu, so they have to use 2 flights to get the customer to his / her destination.

A connection flight where the passenger stays on the same airline is considered an on-line connection flight.  When more than one airline is used between the origin and destination cities, the connection flight is considered an off-line or inter-line connection flight.

Stopover – A voluntary break in travel that is 4 hours or more for domestic flights and 24 hours or more for international flights.  It is a stop at an intermediate point before continuing on to another destination.  In a PNR or on a ticket, an O next to the airport code indicates a stopover.  If the stopover is overnight, it is usually called a Layover.

Layover – A stop on a trip, usually overnight and usually associated with a change of planes or other transportation.

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