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Children and Infants

The ages of consideration for children and infants are:

CHILD = ages 2-11 (for air travel)

INFANT = under age 2

Unaccompanied Minor – is a child over the age of five (or eight depending on the airline) who is traveling without an adult.  Special arrangements have to be made directly with the airline to ensure the child’s safety.  This includes providing the airline with the name, address, and telephone number of the person dropping off and picking up the child.

An infant can travel free of charge on an American domestic flight if he / she doesn’t require a seat (sit on a parent’s lap).  No reservation is needed for an infant sitting on a parent’s lap, but the airline still needs to be notified of this.  On international flights, an infant is charged 10% of the paying adult’s fare or just the tax of an adult fare (depends on the airline and destination).


Many passengers inquire about bringing their pet with them on a flight.  Passengers can bring an animal with them, providing they follow the airline guidelines.

The airline must have space for the animal.

Many passengers want to bring their pet onboard.  Some airlines allow this and some do not.  Small domestic animals may be transported on domestic flights for a fee.

The pet can travel:

In the Cabin – Normally warm blooded and domesticated household pets are accepted in an aircraft cabin provided the pet is at least 8 weeks old.  A standard kennel, not greater than 10 inches that fits under the seat in the row in front, where the pet must be able to comfortably stand up and turn around is allowed.  The pet must stay in the kennel for the duration of the flight.  Most airlines permit one pet per cabin and space should be blocked at the earliest.

In the Cargo Hold – Pets may not be included in free baggage allowance and are subject to a carrying charge.  Kennels that are more than 10 inches high will be transported in the cargo hold.  The cargo hold is pressured to accommodate the pet.  Some airlines, during summer months do not accept pets as checked baggage due to extreme heat and pressure.  This period is known as embargo.  The passenger should check with the airline for their restrictions.

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