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Types of Tickets

Air ticket is an essential part of air travel, yet it has become a common everyday document to the travelers.

There are different types of ticket formats that are standardized in accordance to the International Air Ticket Association (IARA) format.  There are three major types of ticket formats that are offered and sold.

Off-Premise Transitional Automated Ticket (OPTAT)

OPTAT is an Off-Premise Transitional Automated ticket sold mostly through International Air Transport Association (IATA)-licensed Travel Agencies.  It is a standard universal travel document that is issued by airlines to passengers.

The ticket is in a format of four flight-coupons.  The valid segment of the journey in the coupon is highlighted by a brighter color against the other invalid portion segment.  The valid flight coupon segment will be taken upon check-in according to the routing portion of the journey.  The ticket also consists of light coupons, passenger receipt coupon and the cover, which are attached with notices as well as other information related with the air passage.

Automated Ticket / Boarding Pass (ATB)

Automated Ticket Boarding Pass or ATB is an airline ticket stock with a series of cards that print the control, flight, seat assignment and passenger data.  It consists of valid flight coupons per sector and the passenger receipt.  ATB2 is an ATB with a magnetic stripe.  The principal carrier issues an ATB.  An ATB has two portions, the flight coupon (left side) and the passenger coupon (left side), which can be used as boarding pass, both separated by a perforation.  The passenger receipt shows the complete itinerary and various ticketing data on the coupon and can be retained by passengers.

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