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Basic Hotel Policies

Net Rates

Net rate is the actual amount the travel company is charged by the hotel for each room.  This rate is the cost of the room.  The travel company takes this net rate, adds a mark-up, and lists the final price.

Net rates are part of the travel company’s contract with the hotel, which means that the net rate price is never available to the customer.  For this reason, neither the travel company nor the hotel reveals net rates to the customer.

Hotel Restrictions

There may be restrictions stated by the hotel minimum night stay requirements as well as which day of the week will allow check in and check out.  For example, you will very rarely find a Las Vegas hotel that allows a one-night stay on a weekend or a checkout date of Saturday.  Other destinations have similar restrictions depending on the time of year and any special events.  For example, a hotel in the city hosting the Super Bowl will usually have a 3-night minimum for that weekend.

Advance Notice and Same Day

In some situations, a hotel partner cannot honor a reservation and sends it back to the travel company.  Some types of such a decision are Advance Notice and Same Day.  In the case of Advance Notice, a hotel contacts the travel company sometimes weeks in advance and lets it know that their property has been oversold for a given weekend.

In case of Same Day, customers arrive at the hotel only to find that there are no rooms available.  This happens most often on Fridays, since that is the day of the week when most leisure travelers are checking in for weekend stays.

Checking In and Checking Out

When customers book a hotel, the reservation is made and reserved in their names.  When the customers arrive at the hotel, they will check-in at the front desk and will need to present identification, such as a driver’s license, as well as a credit card to cover incidental charges such as room service or the room’s mini-bar.  In many cases, customers will also need to give a credit card in order to have long-distance phone service turned on in their room.

When customers are ready to check out of a hotel, they will receive a billing statement for any additional charges they incurred, such as phone bills and room service.  They will not, however, see a room rate on their bill since the room rate is listed on the confirmation they receive from the travel company.  When a customer checks out of a GDS hotel, all charges, including the room rate will be assessed.

Module Summary

In this module, we have covered the following:

Basic hotel types and services

Basic hotel policies

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