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Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel is like no other industry; it is very complex and can sometimes be difficult to understand.  It is, however, a happy, fun industry, and very rewarding.  Beginning a career in any industry is a difficult decision.  We hope that you enjoy this part of your training.

Overview Travel and Tourism

Every time a traveler spends one day or night away from home, he / she needs to purchase goods and services.  He / she may be traveling for business, for vacation or leisure, or simply to visit friends or relatives in another city.  What are the goods and services he needs to purchase?  It may be an airline ticket, a car rental, or a night’s stay at a hotel.  These goods and services may be obtained before his leaving home, en-route to his destination, or while at his destination.  No mater matter why he is traveling or where he purchases these goods and services, the people who work in the travel industry provide the things he needs.  Some pointers to service excellence in the travel industry:

Customer Service

One of the most important attributes that you can possess is a genuine desire to help people.  Customers are the reason we are in business.  Even if you have a job that does not have direct contact with the public, you will be supporting those who do work directly with our customers.  Working with the public is often like being an actor with a very critical audience.  Yet, it is very rewarding too when you can solve a customers issues.

Work Habits

Traveling is often done under pressure and at the last minute.  This pressure is often transferred to the travel professional that must respond effectively and efficiently.  The job can be very demanding and require you to make important decisions and offer advice to your customers.


A travel professional needs the ability to see what needs to be done and to be able to decide how to accomplish it.  This is an invaluable skill, especially when working without supervision.


In the travel industry, no two days are alike.  There are so many different functions that you will be asked to perform.  You must be able to set priorities, organize your time to accomplish your job responsibilities, and have the ability to adapt to change.

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