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Gateway Installation and Support Guide

Configure your Internet connection

Now that your first computer is connected to the gateway, you need to configure your gateway to communicate with your particular Internet service provider.

To activate your Internet account:

  • 1.

    Open your Internet browser.

  • 2.

    Type http://gateway.2Wire.net/setup into the browser's address line.

  • 3.

    When prompted to enter a key code, enter the key code provided by your service provider in the key

code field, and click NEXT.

  • 4.

    Select your Local Time Zone and click NEXT.

  • 5.

    You may be prompted to enter service provider information such as username and password. Enter any

required service provider information and click NEXT.

  • 6.

    The connection process begins. During this process the BROADBAND LINK light on the front of the gateway will first blink green, then turn solid green. This step could take up to five minutes as the gateway searches for your broadband service.

  • 7.

    The gateway will now connect to the Internet. This process may take several minutes. Once connected, click on the REGISTER button and complete the 2Wire registration process.

Congratulations! Your gateway setup is now complete.

Add computers to your network

You can connect additional computers to your network by following these steps.

  • 1.

    Depending on the method you choose to connect your additional computers, install the adapter and driver. Choices include Ethernet, HomePNA, or wireless. For specific instructions, refer to the documentation that came with your adapter.

  • 2.

    Connect your additional computer to the network.

net cable from your adapter to an available

Ethernet port on the gateway.

cable from your adapter to the phone jack. documentation that came with your adapter and the

instructions on page 6.


Repeat the above steps for each computer you wish to add to your network.


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