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SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Monitoring with HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.x

Monitoring a SAS 9.2 Metadata Server under Windows

For SAS Metadata Server environments deployed on Windows servers, the SPI for SAS92 supplies two forms of server monitoring policies:

  • SAS92SPI_MetadataServerServiceMonitor_WIN provides a conventional Windows Service monitor, periodically checking that the named Service is still running.

  • SAS92SPI_MetadataServerPing_WIN provides additional monitoring via a supplied Java program that will periodically connect to a designated SAS Metadata Server and will perform a data query to insure that the server is running and responding to requests.

Both of these monitors can be deployed simultaneously. The “ping” monitor creates slightly more load on the SAS Metadata Server, and generates several SAS Metadata Server log file messages for each connection attempt. This will accelerate growth of the daily log, which could consume significant amounts of disk space if efforts are not made to archive or delete older log instances.

If you intend to deploy the SAS92SPI_MetadataServerPing_WIN policy, you will need to configure additional files in the Windows OpenView Instrumentation directory:

The Instrumentation file sas92spi_ping_meta_OMRConfig.xml must be modified with information specific to your SAS Metadata Server environment. This file exists in one or more locations, depending on the Windows environment(s) into which you have deployed the SPI for SAS92. For Windows Server 2003, the file is typically located in

"%OvOWShareInstallDir%\Instrumentation\Windows Server 2003\5.2\SPI for SAS92"

There are four required modifications for your local environment: HostName=, Port=, UserID= and Password=.

  • a.

    HostName must be set to the fully-qualified machine hostname which is running the SAS Metadata Server.

  • b.

    Port must be set to the appropriate port number based upon the SAS Metadata Server configuration.

  • c.

    UserID must be set to an appropriate SAS Metadata Server user ID. Only read-metadata privilege is required. It is recommended to select a user ID other than the SAS Administrator (typically sasadm) and SAS Trusted User (typically sastrust) for this ping utility.

  • d.

    Password must be set appropriately for the specific UserID selected.

These changes must be completed before deploying the SAS92SPI_MetadataServerPing_WIN policy. In the example below, the hostname is “wtp112”, the port is 8561, the ping user ID is “ovping”, and the password is “Abc123”. Select appropriate values for your particular site:


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