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SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Monitoring with HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.x

SAS 9 Enterprise Business Intelligence

The SAS 9 Enterprise BI framework is depicted in Diagram 1. The key elements of the framework include:

  • Multiple integrated tiers, including:

    • o

      The SAS server tier, which is comprised of various analytic severs

      • o

        The SAS Web tier, which includes SAS Web-based applications to present SAS analytics

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        The SAS client tier, which includes a diverse and robust set of desktop clients and Web browser applications that exploit the services of the SAS server and Web tiers

  • The SAS Metadata Server, which is the hub of the deployment architecture. This server provides:

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        Mapping for logical and physical computing services

      • o

        Mapping of logical and physical SAS libraries and data sets

      • o

        User ID authentication and authorization controls

      • o

        Web tier and client tier context information for user-customized presentation services

  • A distributed heterogeneous computing framework, including:

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        Server-tier analytic applications, which can be deployed across multiple physical or logical servers environments as well as different processor architectures

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        Web-tier applications, which can be deployed within multiple industry-standard Web application servers

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        Client-tier applications, which can be hosted in a diverse collection of hardware and software environments

Diagram 1: Deployment diagram for SAS 9 Enterprise BI Server


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