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SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Monitoring with HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.x

Set the Service ID to SAS92TABLE or the value set in Step “l” above.

Set the Application to SAS.

Click OK when you have completed these updates.

Click OK to close the Properties dialog.

15. You may wish to update the Polling Interval time field to select a more appropriate interval based upon service level tolerance.

Use the spin button controls at the bottom of the window to adjust hours, minutes and seconds as desired.

16. Select Save and Close to complete the update of the SAS92SPI_TableServerMonitor_WIN policy.

Modifying SAS Web Application Monitoring Policies URL Entries

The SPI for SAS92 supports monitoring of HTTP URLs associated with SAS 9.2 web applications such as the SAS Portal and SAS Web Report Studio. The standard HP OpenView Operations for Windows environment does not supply a direct method to probe URLs. The SPI for SAS92 implements this capability by invoking Instrumentation scripts that run a small SAS program which queries designated HTTP URLs, then analyzes the returned data and status to verify that the particular SAS web application is responding as expected.

By default, the supplied SAS Web Apps Policy definitions attempt to query standard SAS URLs on the managed node based on the hostname “localhost”, at the standard port of “8080”, for example:


In this context, “localhost” is referring to the managed node upon which the Policy invokes the related Instrumentation. Since this is simply a URL definition, it can easily be configured to probe specific host names instead of localhost, allowing the monitoring environment to query SAS web applications that aren’t running on a specific OpenView managed node.

If your SAS app server configuration uses something other than the standard SAS port of “8080”, you will need to modify the SAS Web Apps policies to reflect that change.

For example, the managed Windows node “wtp112” can be configured to monitor SAS web applications running on the UNIX node “emivirt16” simply by changing the Monitoring Policy to explicitly reference “emivirt16”:


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