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SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Monitoring with HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.x

Special Settings for Monitoring SAS Web Report Studio

When the SAS program supplied in the SPI for SAS92 Instrumentation attempts to query the SAS Web Report Studio URL, the web application server attempts to redirect the query to the SAS Logon Manager page. Under the JBoss application server, the redirection can get caught in a loop, repeating multiple times until a redirection limit is hit. This causes the SAS program’s query to fail, even though the WRS page is active and responding.

To avoid this redirection loop, you need to add a property to the SAS metadata for Web Report Studio:

  • 1.

    Invoke the SAS Management Console (SMC) and connect to the SAS Metadata Server.

  • 2.

    Login in as an Administrator or as a user with sufficient metadata privileges to create/modify metadata properties.

  • 3.

    Drill into SMC Application Management->Configuration Manager and select Web Report Studio 4.2

  • 4.

    Right-mouse and select Properties

  • 5.

    Select the Advanced tab, then click on Add Property

  • 6.

    Add a new property: name: App.RedirectionFilterDisabled value: True

  • 7.

    Click OK. The new property should appear in the list.

  • 8.

    Click OK to exit the Properties window.

For the new property to take effect, you will need to shutdown and restart SAS Web Report Studio and the JBoss application server. Restarting these servers can disrupt activities and users at your site, so consult with your SAS Administrator and IT personnel on how and when to perform this task safely.


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