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SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Monitoring with HP OpenView Operations for Windows 7.x

HPOV_Idle.log, as a place-holder until the next time that the server has activity resulting in a new log instance for that day.

Most SAS EBI servers now use a consistent log message format, specifying an ISO date/time stamp, message severity, thread ID, user ID, and message text. For some of the SAS server types, a coded prefix has been added to select log messages indicating that the SAS server’s status has changed (e.g.

  • server has started, server was paused, etc.). For those SAS server types, the associated OpenView

Logfile Entry policies simply scan for those message codes, as opposed to matching the readable message text.

The SPI for SAS92 was designed to co-exist with deployments of SPI for SAS (9.1.3). The SAS 9.2 version uses different “SAS92” names for the SPI itself, for its Policies, for its Instrumentation scripts, and for the SAS server environment configuration files. SAS 9.2 monitoring policies issue messages to the OpenView console with text prefixed with “SAS 9.2” to distinguish from messages issued by the previous SPI for SAS, and use Service IDs that contain “SAS92” to allow for further differentiation.

Installing the SAS 9.2/HP OpenView Smart Plug-In

The following steps assume that the systems to be monitored already have successful installations of the SAS 9.2 Enterprise BI servers and HP OpenView Operations for Windows management server and associated agents.

  • 1.

    On the management node for your HP OpenView Operations for Windows environment, copy the ZIP file SAS92SPI.zip to a working directory into which you can expand the archive. The directory My Documents for your login ID is suitable.

  • 2.

    Unzip the archive in-place using an appropriate tool. This should result in a subdirectory named SAS92SPI_Package containing the following files:


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