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tattoos, drug abuse, seemingly endless wild parties, and other aber- rant behaviors too numerous to list here.

Reflecting a somewhat new pattern of conduct, already vast and growing numbers of teenagers now spend an enormous amount of time attending “poker parties.” Much of this is done under the “help- ful supervision” of many parents who are just happy to see their chil- dren safe at home where they can keep an eye on them. This trend also includes children as young as ten! Of course, a now large num- ber of television programs promote poker, and this has created an explosion of products available for sale to teach poker to young chil- dren. Then there is the problem that teenagers and younger children are also being led into other forms of gambling. Since gambling is addictive, all the related problems seen in addicted adult gamblers are being seen at this earlier age.

But poker parties are only the beginning of the “party” problem with today’s youth culture. Understand. These are not the parties of either yours or previous generations. These are truly wild parties, including “raves,” which can have thousands of young people at each party (sometimes held in warehouses, remote beaches, and other such places, where drugs can flow more freely). Then there are the drinking parties in basements and other secluded places, often per- mitted by the parents for the same reason as the poker parties. Then there are the dance clubs, which are generally about finding sex. (And there are even now “teen dance clubs” for the same purpose, but done under the guise of “safe” alcohol-free activities. Here, the sexually-suggestive music is the worst problem, with actual sex a close second.)

All of this is leading more and more young people into contact with the worst of society’s underbelly—drug dealers, prostitutes, il- legal gambling and various other criminal activities, to support their drug habits.

Of course, television, the movie industry and other forms of entertainment have also played a direct role in all of this. They have glorified such parties and conduct by portraying them to be almost a part of normal everyday life. It is no overstatement to say that the above picture is what a big part of a college education has come to mean for thousands and thousands of young people who seem to now see their “college experience” as one endless “spring break”—no longer just done in places like Florida, California or Cancun.

Facing the Challenge


The appalling condition of the generation that will produce to- morrow’s leaders has become one of the enormous statements of our time. How incredible that huge numbers of today’s young people have come to look for, and expect to find, a party somewhere—any- where! This pattern has become a neverending search and cycle for so many, with just one of the by-products being more and more teen suicides and accidental deaths related to drug overdoses and over- drinking, which all serve to bring the tragedy home to parents who never saw it coming, or who did but had no idea how to stop it.

Ironically, the mantra of today’s youth is that anything is permis- sible as long as no one “gets hurt.”

We can ask: Is it any wonder that parents are overwhelmed, hav- ing no idea what to do? Is it any wonder that thinking people recog- nize the experts have UTTERLY FAILED?

Sexual Revolution Pre-teen Style

As mentioned earlier, teen—and even pre-teen—sex is now fast be- coming the norm, with large and growing numbers of pre-teens at- tending “oral sex parties,” because they saw that it was not consid- ered sex by the highest officeholders in the land. This has meant that widespread fornication, leading to an explosion of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, has become a virtual way of life in Western countries, with Britain now leading the way, as it suffers from an epidemic of all such related diseases. (Large numbers of pre- teens have also been attracted to the above-mentioned “rave parties,” which have led such young minds to be quickly overwhelmed with a variety of problems that minds much older than theirs are not even equipped to deal with.)

Various types of “sex education”—and this is not all simple in- struction—are coursework in many middle schools and high schools in the United States as part of the standard curriculum. Why then does anyone wonder that children are having sex in record and grow- ing numbers? Then consider that British girls under the age of 16 are permitted to have abortions without their parents’ knowledge, or without the parents even knowing that their child had been pregnant! This is an absolutely astonishing state of affairs.

The flip side of this coin is that there are growing numbers of younger teenage girls who do want to have a baby—because so many of their friends are having them. They are seeing this as a way of

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