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Rarely are children disciplined for their misconduct or even taught that certain actions are wrong. Improper conduct is now large- ly “winked at”—or even encouraged. Children are taught from a very young age that their feelings should be their moral compass. They are taught to reason their way through a situation by using little more than impulses—by following what they feel is right.

Gone are the days when children were reprimanded for things like being too loud or unruly on field trips. Because sexual limitations have also been lifted, these same school trips today can be interrupted by children performing sexual acts at the back of the school bus. Be- cause such conduct is not disciplined, these same youth can later turn to pornography in order to pay their way through college. Truly, all such acts are often tacitly accepted or even considered healthy “ex- ploration” of oneself.

Now consider this: How can parents teach their children to be moral, to act justly and to be merciful when the daily news continually reveals the sins and crimes of adults—and in explicit detail? White- collar crime, government corruption, widespread child abuse among this world’s clergymen and others of influence, who are supposed to help in young people’s development, terribly distort the picture that children see. To young people, actions speak louder than words.

Society is rearing a “generation that curses their father, and does not bless their mother” (Prov. 30:11). This describes the last genera- tion of every previous educated and advanced society—the Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians, among others—all of which eventually collapsed. Each of these great empires produced youths who were proud, arrogant, unteachable, lazy, pleasure-driven and generally rotten.

Simply scanning the world around you reveals that such a gen- eration exists once again. As Solomon said, “There is no new thing under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9).

The Bible describes the final generation of a society on the verge of collapse. Let’s continue with Solomon’s description in Proverbs 30. Modern society is now producing what is described there as a “generation that are pure in their own eyes, yet is not washed from their filthiness” (vs. 12). Millions of young people today cannot be told anything, including that they are wrong. This is because they al- ready “know it all,” and would have no need for anyone to offer them instruction. They have witnessed too many television sitcoms depict- ing children who know more than their “idiot” parents.

“Strange Generation”


Further, this generation does not know the meaning of the word “no,” and expects parents to “reason” with them—and to ask for and receive their opinion. Virtually every issue becomes the subject of negotiation—instead of simple instruction, coupled with strong ad- monishment when necessary.

Almost an entire generation of parents have become unbalanced in their childrearing. The “hold-outs” are becoming fewer and fewer. In most cases, parents simply do not know how to properly rear their children. As a result, rarely will they make their children do any- thing—assigning few chores or responsibilities because most young people will no longer be diligent in carrying them out or, worse, will openly defy their parents with the confidence that they will do noth- ing about it.

Society has forced parents to be more concerned with being their child’s friend than in being his or her TEACHER and PARENT! And most parents would rather be popular with their children than “upset” them by firmly requiring anything of them—and teaching them right from wrong, including the regular application of discipline when standards are not met!

All Religions Have Failed

All of the supposed “great religions” have failed to give parents the tools they need to properly rear their children into becoming respon- sible, productive adults. This includes all of the world’s many brands of Christianity, which teach that God’s spiritual laws—His Com- mandments—were “kept for us by Christ” and were “done away with,” and “there is no longer a need to keep them.” Therefore, moral- ity has become a matter of personal taste: One man’s sin is another man’s lifestyle.

Modern theologians routinely substitute the righteousness of God—His Commandments (Psa. 119:172)—for the standards of righteousness established by men, and call it “political correctness.” This greatly adds to the confusion of what children see.

It is no wonder that most teenagers and even younger children today have smug faces and generally smirk at all forms of authority, often making no attempt to hide the rolling of their eyes because they think that they already “know” what is right and wrong. Woe to those who try to teach them otherwise. So many are ungovernable, unman- ageable and unruly.

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