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Political correctness teaches young people that nothing is truly bad or wrong—except INTOLERANCE. But herein lies a great irony— those who preach political correctness will not tolerate those who take a stand against sin. What hypocrisy!

Teens are no longer taught right from wrong, because so many of their parents no longer seem to know the difference, even on the basics. So many now embrace a world of “differing shades of gray,” where clear-cut rules of morality, ethics and integrity no longer exist. Large numbers of people—many of whom are parents!—routinely STEAL items from their jobs (pens, markers, paper, notebooks, or much larger items like computers, expensive tools and other equipment—and even time, while at work) and then wonder why their children shoplift.

What blindness! Fifty years ago, if a child found a wallet containing a large sum of money, he would likely have automatically turned it over to the police. Today, such a child would be ridiculed—laughed to scorn— by his peers, and even by some adults! He would probably be written up in the local newspaper as a veritable hero, simply because practic- ing what was once considered a civic duty has now become a phe- nomenon. Such honesty is so rare that it makes headlines!

With the fuller picture of today’s youth, how can parents hope to effectively rear a child in such a morally and spiritually upside-down world? What chance do they—do YOU—have to train a child God’s Way so that he can become a successful, productive, obedient, happy, and emotionally, physically and spiritually mature adult?

There is hope. The truths in this book will show you THE WAYbut you must first see, and then be willing to meet, the enormous challenge that lies before you! This almost certainly involves much more than you now realize. But you can succeed—and you should proceed as though you WILL!



The Biblical Doctrine of Childrearing

ost people view childrearing as a matter of personal opinion. With no idea that there is a right way—and many wrong ways!—to rear children, they either make up their own rules, repeat the methods used by their parents or listen to confused, disagreeing “experts.” In effect, anything goes. M

How many have come to think like the following new, young parent, a 19-year-old superstar, professional athlete, who, upon the arrival of his new infant son, born out of wedlock, said this about why he would not seek advice from good role model parents around him offering help?: “You can’t teach someone to be a father. There are no tips like playing basketball. You have to raise your own kids.” Such ignorance is astonishing to the point of being almost breathtak- ing. But this is to be expected when children have children—and no one has taught them what they are getting into.

In regard to discipline, this kind of thinking causes parents to fall into two extremes, neither yielding positive results:

(1) They discipline too much, even to the point of child abuse. Every year in the United States, several thousand defenseless children are literally beaten (or shaken) to death, and four million more are abused annually in an adult tantrum holocaust of growing proportion.

(2) They discipline too little—or not at all. These parents listen to psychologists and other “authorities” who warn against the “haz- ards” of spanking, scornfully referring to it as “beating.”

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