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are watching them than young people today any longer recognize. Be sure that your children are an exception to today’s thinking.

Teach Your Children to Practice the Basic Laws of Health and Good Nutrition

The nations of the West have been described as overfed and under- nourished (and the rest of the world is fast catching up). Further, because so many children are addicted to junk food and live a couch potato existence, vast numbers are overweight and physically weak. Most eat too few fruits, vegetables and grains, and believe that drink- ing carbonated soda is just as good as a glass of water. An emphasis on fat, sugar, fast foods and many other foods devoid of nutritional value define the diet of millions today. On top of all this, most are getting far less exercise than they should. Astonishingly, various studies now reveal that children are showing signs of hardening of the arteries as early as age seven.

The role of parents in their children’s health is often overlooked. Like instilling a desire to learn, you must also instill the KNOWLEDGE of how—and what—to eat. No matter what excuses may be put forth, your children’s health is YOUR responsibility. YOU control what they eat and, in turn, YOU largely control their health!

Think very carefully about what you feed your children. Do you follow the principle of staying on the outside aisles of the supermar- ket—raw fruits, vegetables, meats and grains? Or do you often shop in the aisles where much of the processed, sugary and unhealthy foods are generally located?

Explain to your children that many studies have demonstrated that fruits CLEANSE, vegetables BUILD, grains SUSTAIN, and herbs can HEAL. Require them to eat healthy foods. Teach them to love good food. And, perhaps similar to what my mother did, try to make it fun.

An almost endless array of studies show that large numbers of children and teenagers simply have no stamina—no physical staying power to complete the most basic physical tasks and chores. This is because they are never made—never required!—to do much exercis- ing beyond the bare minimum at school, and a growing number of schools are neglecting this vital part of well-rounded development. Many today are allowed to give up too quickly when faced with ad- versity, when having to sweat a little. Due to safety concerns, great

Where Teaching the Basics Begins


numbers of parents now feel forced to drive their children to school even when the walk is just a few blocks and the weather is pleasant. Gone are the days of my childhood when I often had to walk three miles home from high school, even in the winter. I walked over a mile each way to and from grade school!

Too many young people are allowed to sit for hours on end play- ing video games, which only stimulate the brain (and not for the better), and perhaps develop hand-eye coordination, but do very little in the way of challenging such children to exert themselves. Military leaders have noted the precipitous decline in strength and stamina observed in those who are entering the various branches of the ser- vice. It has been noted that, compared to just one generation ago, the condition of 18- to 20-year-olds applying for the service (to enter rigorous basic training) can only be described as pitiful.

Few parents today require their children to practice the basic laws of health and nutrition. The result has been disastrous—for all but the doctors, clinics and hospitals!

Give your children the wonderful gift of good nutrition and proper stressing of exercise. Be determined: Teach them to eat what- ever food you serve them. Don’t give in! Do not allow your children to determine their diet, or you can literally curse them to a lifetime of low energy, sickness, medication(s), hospital waiting rooms, surger- ies and endless visits to the doctor.

For those who are unfamiliar with the important principles about health revealed in the Bible, we recommend our booklet God’s Prin- ciples of Healthful Living. Although it is a basic guide, it introduces these principles in a thorough, helpful and common-sense way straight from God’s Word.

Teach Your Children to Think!

We discussed earlier the fact that people once did much more reading than they do today. As a direct by-product, they were forced to think about and discuss national and world events. Once more founded on the value of receiving a good liberal arts education, many started out in life having received well-rounded educations. Young people were generally taught to more deeply research, analyze, reason, use the rules of logic—and to THINK!

But today, people rely on computers and televisions to do much of their thinking for them. The result has been that millions of chil-

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