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dren do not know how to be alone with their thoughts. They must constantly have music or television blaring in the background, things that once caused people to express in exasperation, “I can’t hear myself think.” To a certain degree, this has almost turned around to the point that many young people now could state, “I can hear my- self think!”, and be equally frustrated. One of the tragedies of this generation is that so many have no idea what to think about when something is not pre-occupying them.

Get your children in the habit of thinking—analyzing—using logic—problem-solving! Teach them to think about the cause and effect of problems, and to find solutions, no matter how elusive, through the art of either inductive or deductive reasoning. Encourage them to stretch their minds beyond self-imposed limits. You will find that they will—and they will find that they CAN!

Teach your children to meditate about life and what they see in the world around them—and to consider their own mortality and future (Psa. 8:3-9). Also, Proverbs 4:26 states, “PONDER the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established.” Teach your children to carefully “ponder” and think deeply about what they are doing— where their decisions are taking them.

If you permit your children to be mindless couch potatoes, you are literally conditioning them to a lifetime of shortsightedness and mediocrity. They will never be able to address and overcome hur- dles, obstacles, trials and difficulties, common to every human be- ing. Facing the smallest barriers will leave them feeling as though they are at the foot of Mt. Everest.

Do not leave your children feeling helpless as they reach the greater trials of adulthood!



Teaching About All-important Character

f you were told that there is one thing that you can teach your chil- dren that is spiritual—therefore eternal, indestructible and per- fect—what would you say it is? The answer is CHARACTER, once re- ferred to as virtue, the term used in the Bible. Almost no one today values or even talks about character. Yet, this topic speaks to the su- preme purpose for which every human being who has ever lived was born. Sadly, it is also true that very few have any idea why they ex- ist—why God gave them life and put them on earth. I

YOU must come to understand—to deeply grasp—why you ex- ist—why you are here—or you will never be able to teach this su- preme truth to your children. Once this is clear in your mind, two things will happen: Not only will you find it easier to teach them, but you will also be more eager to fulfill this duty!

Think for a moment about all the things that people pursue in search of success and happiness. Then recognize that not a single one of these things eternally benefits the person who has them. Literally, there is not one of them that “you can take with you.”

Perhaps the number one thing that people seek to accumulate in this life is money. Many people are obsessed with pursuing more of it. But no matter how much they may have at the end of their life, it will all get left behind.

Directly related to money is the accumulation of possessions. Most people are actually more interested in what money buys—the

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