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above, this serves to teach them that lies endanger them—and you must connect this in their thinking. Talk with them about how lying will invariably get them into worse trouble, potentially destroying their reputations entirely, if they do not avoid it at all costs.

Instill Morality

In the United States, half of all wives and two-thirds of all husbands now commit adultery. This means that an astonishing almost five out of six marriages have at least one adulterous partner.

Referenced earlier, the growing phenomenon of middle school oral sex parties has taken root because so many children have come to believe—following the thinking of a former American leader— that “it’s not really sex”!

Some time ago, a television news program conducted an experi- ment. In various countries around the world, wallets containing mon- ey and identification were strategically placed on local streets for strangers to find. As news crews secretly taped them, most people who picked up the wallets kept the money. In fact, one woman crossed herself, as a sign of religious devotion, then counted the money and stuffed it into her pockets!

Such is the modern age in which your children are growing up! Never assume that your children will automatically be moral— will automatically do the right thing when confronted with important decisions. You must TEACH them to be moral! Just as you must rely on God to teach you right from wrong, your children are unconsciously relying on you to teach them right from wrong.

Vast numbers of children no longer have any idea what ethics, integrity and morality mean. Nor do they comprehend the most fun- damental basics of right and wrong, good and evil, and law and crime, let alone what sin is. Clarify these critical differences to them at every turn. Teach your children to always do the right thing, even when no one else is watching. If you have been properly teaching them that God sees everything that they do, this will be much easier for them to understand.

Instill Why Sex Belongs Only in Marriage

The modern world has become drenched in every conceivable kind of fornication and sexual activity. This quickly, and often immedi-

Teaching About All-important Character


ately, seems to become part of the interaction between boys and girls—and is seemingly starting at a younger and younger age.

God designed sexual intercourse to be the “glue” that binds a husband and wife together. However, because of a lack of sexual fulfillment in vast numbers of marriages, many couples conclude that they should “test” each other before marriage, thinking this will help them avoid a sexually troubled marriage.

Never permit intimacy to enter any of your child’s relation- ships prior to marriage. Recognize that the world is waiting to am- bush your children! You will have to watch like the proverbial “hawk” to head off your child’s natural tendency to move in this direction.

Part of this training is preparing your children long in advance for the time that they will begin to date those of the opposite sex. It is crucial that dating not occur too soon, before your children are emotionally, mentally or morally equipped to know what dating means—and for what purposes they should do this. (All parents who hope to one day see their children fulfilled in a wonderful, happy, spiritually compatible marriage are encouraged to carefully study and to teach your children to apply the principles in my extensive book Dating and Courtship – God’s Way. Nothing like it has ever been written. It is filled with helpful principles and truths that will guide you in HOW to properly guide your children.)

Just consider what has become the never-ending stream of tele- vision and newspaper ads offering sexual “boosters” and other prod- ucts in a way that could not have been dreamed of even a few years ago. And then there are the beer commercials…

So much of television has become utterly vulgar and sex-ob- sessed to the point that it is difficult, if not almost impossible, to find programming that does not bombard your children with messages that are a challenge for the godly young person to resist when seem- ingly no one around him is doing the same. The dark pressures on your children to move them away from right values and morals—and directly away from God’s perfect spiritual Law!—are beyond any level of intensity that the world has ever seen. Recognize that what you faced was practically “child’s play” by comparison.

There is an unseen but critical aspect of fornication that almost none understand. The Bible states that this sin is unique, producing a special kind of emotional and psychological “scarring” that is very difficult to leave behind. Here is how Paul put it: “Flee fornication.

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