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es. Just watching young people eat today can be a painful experience, a veritable assault on the senses. (It is only barely an exaggeration to state that many young people and teenagers today slump over and eat like hogs slopping at a trough!)

The social graces represent—and reflect—a specific application of God’s law of love. They are based on giving others respect and high regard. The Bible teaches that “love...does not behave itself un- seemly” (I Cor. 13:4-5). Try to make it your child’s goal to “esteem others better than [myself]” (Phil. 2:3), giving to others, making them feel uplifted and special. In life, little things mean a lot.

Good manners and conduct must begin in the home, and this means beginning with your example and your teaching. Instruct your children to strive to be gentlemen or ladies—and that this is what God wants them to be. Teach them to ignore those who feel that such conduct is “lost in the past.” Recall that the Bible declares, “Be not deceived: evil communications [companions] corrupt good manners” (I Cor. 15:33). Even though this verse now applies to the vast major- ity in this age, it also has direct application in regard to those with whom you allow your children to associate.

Instruct your children to hold the door for adults and girls. Teach them how to shake hands, to rise when adults enter the room, to “be seen and not heard,” to look people in the eye when address- ing them, and all aspects of proper table manners. Such instruction includes proper etiquette and all of the differences between good and bad manners. Your children must understand that they too can be AMBASSADORS for God’s Way of Life (II Cor. 5:20).

Instruct in the Seven Laws of Success

All people want to be considered successful—and to, in fact, be suc- cessful. Your children are no different. Yet, most people have no idea how to achieve SUCCESS. And they are not sure how to recognize suc- cess if they see it—either in themselves or others. Supposed “higher” education has never taught true success. Nor have most understood that there are basic, specific LAWS that must be employed to reach success.

Just what is success? So many people seek it, having never de- fined it. As a result, very few ever achieve true success. And most never actually sit down and try to analyze the reasons for their fail- ure. Most are generally capable of recognizing that they have failed—

Teaching About All-important Character


but they cannot explain WHY! It is your job as a parent to be sure that this does not happen to your children.

Though some might feel that they are destined to fail, this is never true. But circumstances in today’s world could easily cause your children to acquire this thinking. They must understand that men and women of all ages can achieve success. But they must be schooled in and practice the right formula—and only after they un- derstand exactly what they are trying to achieve!

Do you want your children to become happy, productive adults? Then thoroughly teach them the laws to success:

(1) HAVE THE RIGHT GOAL. This includes understanding your strengths and weaknesses, knowing where you excel and where you fall short. Plenty of potential architects, engineers, accountants, etc., wind up in the wrong profession, the proverbial “square peg in a round hole.” Even worse, there are some who have no belief in their potential and sit on their talents—all because they lack vision!

(2) OBTAIN THE RIGHT EDUCATION. It should be well-rounded and balanced. Too many people limit themselves by over-specializing.

(3) MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH. This includes one’s physical, emo- tional, mental and spiritual well-being.

(4) PRACTICE DRIVE. Be zealous and enthusiastic, and maintain a “can do” attitude.

(5) BE RESOURCEFUL. Think “outside the box”—know how to solve problems. Being resourceful in problem-solving could be compared to figuring out what to do when locked out of the house: If you cannot get through the front door, enter through the back door. If that way is locked, go through the window. If that does not work, come through the basement. Or try the roof…or the chimney. In other words, find a way!

(6) PERSEVERE. Never give up or give in to doubts. Stick to your goals like a pit bull gripping a bone!

(7) SEEK GOD FIRST. Put Him at the center of your life. This in- cludes obeying the other six laws GODS WAY—not your own.

(To better understand and teach these principles, read our book- let The Laws to Success.)

The Most Important Teaching

The seventh law of success introduces the most important aspect of your children’s education. Therefore, it opens up a wide array of ele-

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