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Do Not Neglect Working With Young Children

Many parents wait longer than they should to begin teaching their children about God. They assume that small children are not ready until a point well beyond when they could—and should—have start- ed teaching their children the basics about God and His Way of Life.

Never forget that children are most impressionable at their youngest age. Do not let this precious time slip away when it could be used most profitably to teach your children a host of right things at a time when they are ready to believe “the moon is made out of green cheese.” Parents literally hold the power to teach their chil- dren anything they wish, and of course this must never be used for anything but good. Remember, the child who is not taught God’s Way by his parents will eventually be taught another way by some- one else! Therefore, counter the wrong religious influences in the world around you by not only programming your young children with the TRUTH but also programming them to resist practices and ideas that their friends will be involved in.

Practice playing any number of wonderful Bible games that are available with your children. This makes learning biblical names, facts, locations, events and principles fun—and it associates God and the Way of Life described in His Word with learning, enjoyment and pleasant feelings.

One of the best games that parents can play is “20 Questions” about a person, place or thing in the Bible. It is surprising how much and how fast your children can absorb information about the Bible, while they are enjoying the process. There are also various Bible board games that can be helpful, if they are carefully chosen so that they do not instill ideas from false Christianity into your children. The creative parent can also devise games of his or her own choos- ing, and these can be tailored to the age of the children who are participating. But all of this takes effort!

Be sure, however, that you are also doing plenty of just plain basic teaching about the wonderful truths of the Bible. We have al- ready seen that true Christians are in training to rule with Christ over literal cities on earth (Rev. 5:10; Matt. 5:5; Luke 19:11-27, etc.). It is important that you teach your children that they are also qualifying to be rulers in the World to Come, during the Millennium, under

Teaching About God, His Word and Christianity


those in the God Family. Your children need to understand that they can have an exciting, thrilling future—if they learn what God wants them to understand, and if they faithfully obey all of His laws and teachings.

One final important point should be mentioned before closing this chapter.

The Restored Church of God has prepared a vast array of mate- rial for children of all ages, and these are described in more detail in the last chapter. While of greatest overall importance, this book is only the beginning of what we offer and, of course, is written to parents, not children. In the final chapter, we will cover a broad va- riety of wonderful tools that The Restored Church of God makes available.

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