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Will Your Son Become Effeminate?

We have seen that modern television has become a powerful tool that can be misused. Certainly one of the worst ways this happens is the desensitizing of almost the entire Western culture toward male effeminacy and homosexuality. This unregulated media cli- mate, encouraging sexually deviant and shocking situations for public display, has evolved slowly and incrementally in America over the past few decades.

For example, what has become known as “cross-dressing” was first introduced in comedic-type settings decades ago as harmless fun. Much of the American public quickly accepted such acts, and even began to laugh at them. But is this type of behavior really harmless or fun? And should we accept the “Popular Cul- ture’s” view about male and female roles and conduct?

The God who created you speaks very plainly through His Word on this matter. Notice Deuteronomy 22:5: “The woman shall not wear that which pertains unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD your God.”

As Creator, God understood thousands of years ago that there would come a time when rebellious mankind would blur the roles between men and women. This role reversal is not natural (Rom. 1:26)! Your children can easily become victims of this state of con- fusion—if you do not continually guard against it!

The Newman Study, conducted in 1976, discovered that “it is not unusual for parents to shield, tolerate, and rationalize the boy’s cross- dressing for years.” Parents who expect their children to become Christian men and women should never tolerate such acts—even in very young children! Such matters need to be taken very seriously!

According to a Saghir and Robins’ survey of homosexuals: “Among boys destined to become adult male homosexuals, the prevalence of polysymptomatic effeminacy is very high. About two- thirds (67%) of the male homosexuals, but only 3% of the male heterosexuals, described themselves as having been girl-like dur- ing childhood” (p.18).

In another study, the parents of 55 effeminate boys were asked to describe their son’s behavior. They reported the following responses:

Feminine dressing - 50 Aversion to boys’ games - 50

Desire to be female - 43 Girl playmate preference - 42 Doll playing - 41 Feminine gesturing - 40 Wearing lipstick or other makeup - 34

Saghir and Robins’ defines a “sissy” boy as: “One who shows a persistent aversion to playing with other boys or to being in- volved in boys’ games and activities. He prefers being with girls and enjoys doing housework and playing with ‘girly’ dolls. He is often teased by other boys and by his siblings about his ‘girl-like’ behavior. He frequently becomes an unhappy and isolated child unable to belong in the company of boys or to participate fully in the activities of girls. His yearnings are not those of the boy next door but of the girl on the other side of the street. He feels awk- ward playing ball but is at home jumping rope. He dreads the gym hour but feels at ease cleaning or helping mother with her cook- ing.”

Another study, called the Thompson study, compared 127 ho- mosexual men with 123 heterosexual “controls.” There were 46 items on the questionnaire. On 32 items, homosexuals differed significantly from heterosexuals. Beginning with the item on which there was the highest level of difference, homosexuals responded to the questions as follows:

  • a.

    played baseball never or sometimes

  • b.

    played competitive group games, never or sometimes

  • c.

    spent time with father very little

  • d.

    physical make as a child, frail, clumsy or uncoordinated

  • e.

    felt accepted by father mildly or no

  • f.

    played with boys before adolescence sometimes

  • g.

    mother insisted on being center of child’s attention often or


A mother who carelessly shelters her son from adversity and rough play is directly contributing to the possible surrender of his masculinity to the effeminate architects of the Western World’s up- side-down society.

Fathers must be actively involved in the rearing of their chil- dren! This includes spending the time and expending the effort to teach their boys to conduct themselves as boys, and grow into masculine, balanced men!

The importance of a strong male role model for young boys cannot be overstated. For young boys to reach true and full man- hood, they must see examples of true and full manhood.

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