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Also, you may wish to read our fascinating biography, Herbert W. Armstrong – His Life in Proper Perspective. You will find the book to be filled with amazing stories and interesting lessons that will assist you in inspiring your children. The book also addresses and demonstrates in its latter chapters that Mr. Armstrong fulfilled an extraordinary end-time prophecy. Found in Malachi 4:5-6, it was that God would send an unusual servant to restore His truth to His Church. This man was also foretold to teach a way of life that would bind families together according to God’s Plan.

Mr. Armstrong was led by God to establish and oversee what became an immense globe-girdling Work teaching Christ’s doctrines as received by the original apostles directly from Him. Train Your Children God’s Way is a crucial centerpiece in the continuation of what Mr. Armstrong’s ministry began. This Great Commission, com- manded in Matthew 28:19-20 and prophesied in Matthew 24:14—to take the gospel of the kingdom of God to all nations and to teach “all things” that Christ commanded—to be fulfilled at the end of the age in a powerful way, is being further carried out in the vast and grow- ing worldwide Work of The Restored Church of God.

Tools Provided for You

While this book is the starting point to properly training your chil- dren, it is by no means all you will need in the years that lie ahead. As your children pass through different stages of their development, you will need additional aid in thoroughly teaching them God’s Way. You will find that we have tools designed for children of all ages— from tiny children through the age beginning adulthood.

To this end, The Restored Church of God has produced an enor- mous number of tools specifically designed to help you in your quest to be informed parents producing happy, successful children. Here is a brief summary of all that is available to you, with more continually on the way.

Books and Booklets

First, we have several booklets that will help you with your marriage (and they can be used to help you teach your children about marriage), which in turn strengthens your childrearing. These are You Can Build a Happy Marriage and The Purpose of Marriage—Ever Obsolete?

The Big Picture


One additional booklet, Understanding Divorce and Remarriage, will be helpful for those who may be struggling as single parents, and who also may be wondering about God’s view of this subject.

In addition, we have two other larger books, Sex – Its Unknown Dimension and Dating and Courtship – God’s Way, that will be par- ticularly helpful to you as your children get older and need more specific instruction in these areas. The first book will not only be important in teaching your children, but also in your own marriage. Referenced earlier in Chapter Five, the second book is also filled with absolutely vital information and principles that will be most important in guiding your children through the teen years on their way to the age of marriage.

Our book The Ten Commandments – “Nailed to the Cross” or Required for Salvation? is also most important in educating your chil- dren to the wonderful wisdom and genius of God, reflected in how He created these basic but marvelous spiritual laws for our—and YOUR CHILDRENS—protection!

Prophetic Trend Reports

The Restored Church of God has also prepared a most unique and extensive series of what we have described as prophetic trend reports on conditions in the nations of the West as the Bible speaks of them.

One of these reports, The Immorality Explosion!, is closely re- lated to the books and booklets above. It is filled with important ad- ditional facts and other information about the advanced stages of the sexual revolution that has engulfed the entire world. You will find it well-researched and most helpful.

But we also have other reports, each well-researched and very helpful in addressing other topics covered in this book. First are The Tragedy of Drug Abuse and The Alcohol Epidemic. These show the scope of these two massive problems in a powerful way, and they will help inform you and inspire you to work at counter-acting them. Next, and related to these, is The Pleasure Seekers. This report will help you understand a trend sweeping the entire world, and which could potentially sweep your children away from the normal bounds of a balanced enjoyment of life.

You will also find that our extensive and specially-prepared bro- chure about evolution, Evolution – Facts, Fallacies and Implications, with our booklet Does God Exist?, will be most vital in combating the

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