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atheistic thinking of evolution, so pervasive in modern education today. Also, one other trend report, The Education Crisis, will be helpful.

Related Literature

We also offer scores of helpful articles and literature on a host of top- ics, several of them related to Train Your Children God’s Way.

One of these articles (these are not part of the above “report” se- ries), which would be helpful in educating your children to another harmful habit, is “The Truth About Smoking.” While this book has not addressed this problem directly, you should at least understand that smoking has once again become a growing problem among millions of young people today.

There is also our Prophetic Trends and Conditions report, The New Gambling Plague, which will be helpful in educating you to what is perhaps the fastest growing harmful trend among young people.

Related to all of the above reports and articles is another article that is vital in the process of teaching children the difference between fully enjoying various of life’s pleasures in balance and falling into worldliness. It is “Worldliness – What Is It?” Then you should con- sider studying our equally vital article, “You Can Live the Abundant Life!” This will assist you in helping your children understand that Christianity is not the negative religion of “Thou shalt nots” that so many have come to believe it is. This article will in turn lead you to our extraordinary book, Tomorrow’s Wonderful World – An Inside iew! And this book will especially help you to inspire your children to look ahead to being part of a future beyond their wildest dreams.

As your children reach adulthood, approaching the time that they will want to consider baptism and conversion, our article “Are You Being Called?” will be most important for them to study. You may wish to study it to inform yourself in advance of this process that your children will undergo if you have properly fulfilled your duty.

A Special Magazine

We also have a marvelous magazine, Ambassador Youth, produced exclusively for teenagers. This wonderful, bi-monthly publication is loaded with clear, strong articles covering a host of important topics relevant to teenagers, as well as many other helpful tips and other

The Big Picture


information, including a regular Bible Study section geared to teens. (All previous issues can be found on the part of our website under the name Ambassador Youth.) This magazine is simply the best of its kind in the world, and every teenager should read every issue!

Bible Courses for All Ages

We also have seven levels of The Children’s Bible Lessons for pre- teens, children in kindergarten through sixth grade (with more les- sons coming regularly). You will find that this is far and away the best course of its kind in the world—and it teaches the truths of the Bible instead of the traditions of men taught in the Sunday School classes of this world’s churches. In addition, we produce Children’s Activity Books in the seasons of God’s annual Spring and Fall Holy Days for young children and those in the early grades.

It was also previously mentioned that we have produced an in- troductory Bible study course that is uniquely geared for both adults and teenagers. It is called the Bible Introduction Course. Each of the thirty lessons offered in this course covers important teachings of God’s Word in a short, straight-to-the-point manner. They are de- signed to make PLAIN the overall Plan of God, while at the same time making learning the truths of the Bible interesting. It is ideal for par- ents who wish to study the teachings of God’s Word with their chil- dren of teen age, who will want a somewhat more advanced, but still basic, understanding of God’s Word.

The Story of the Bible Series

We have also produced an entire series of longer, beautifully illus- trated volumes, The Story of the Bible, that are wonderful teaching tools for parents reading to younger children, or for elementary school children and teenagers who wish to read them on their own.

These volumes (seven) are written in a way that is interesting to everyone, including small children through adulthood. Many thou- sands of adults also enjoy them on a regular basis.

World’s Largest Religious Websites

All of these marvelous—and FREE—publications can be found on our websites, and many of them are sent automatically to all members of

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