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The Restored Church of God. We hope that all fathers and mothers will take the time to explore and familiarize themselves with this vast array of most helpful material. You will be glad you did—and so will your children!

As you may already be aware, The Restored Church of God has the largest religious websites—of any religion—in the world today. There are other related and very important and helpful materials that can be found on them. I encourage you to take some time to peruse all the areas of these sites so you can grasp all that is available to you in your determination to become successful parents.

What Will You Do?

Consider for a moment this analogy. No one would ever think of put- ting someone who is anything less than highly trained in front of a ticking bomb in the hope that he could defuse it. That person would have to be taught, and properly educated to understand how to avoid a potentially life-threatening situation. Think! This world has put a generation of parents in front of a ticking bomb—their children, and the generation surrounding them—with no proper training and no education, and thus with no hope of defusing the bomb. But you are different. You have now been taught not only how to diffuse the bomb, but also how to transform it (your children) into something beautiful and productive.

Knowledge is of absolutely no VALUE unless it is put to use. You have been given truly vital knowledge, available nowhere else. But you must now take it off the pages of this book (and the other publi- cations recommended) and PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!

Let me reiterate what you read at the beginning of the book. God has given you a tremendously important stewardship: to rear inno- cent little children—born as so many blank sheets of paper waiting for you to “write” upon—into mature, God-fearing, successful adults. This will not happen overnight.

Your children are not machines—they are not robots. They cannot be programmed to do exactly what you want, when you want. They are free moral agents. In the end, after all your efforts are complete, they will make the final decision of whether to walk in the path you lay out for them or not, whether they will obey God or not. Your job is to best prepare them to make the RIGHT DECI- SION!

The Big Picture


It will take much patience, perseverance and wisdom to com- plete your children’s coursework. It will also take much faith to ap- ply God’s childrearing principles on a consistent basis. But if you stay the course and refuse to give up, God’s Way will yield amazing results. This means using and reviewing this book and the other tools described earlier as textbooks, directly assisting your children’s coursework en route to graduation into adulthood.

If God has called you out of this world (John 6:44; Rev. 18:4), then He has sanctified—set apart—your children for a purpose: So that He can one day call them into His truth. Notice: “For the unbe- lieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy” (I Cor. 7:14).

This means that your children have been set apart by God—that they are “holy”—just as you are, if you are faithfully serving and obeying God.

Further, if God is calling you, you are being judged now—“judg- ment must begin at the house of God” (I Pet. 4:17). Part of that judg- ment involves how well you manage each of your stewardships, in- cluding the most important one—rearing your children. I repeat a final time for emphasis: Your goal is to rear responsible, happy chil- dren whom God can one day convert into the Body of Christ, the Church of God—and later bring into His own divine Family.

Will you make the task easy for Him? Or will you make it diffi- cult?

The Greatest Leaders

Before entering any major endeavor, prudent people want to know what is at stake. They want to know what it means if they succeed or what it means if they fail in their effort. In other words, what are the CONSEQUENCES—either way?

Consider! Invariably, the most successful people, the most effec- tive role models for others, the wisest parents, the best husbands and wives, and THE GREATEST LEADERS, were all exposed to great teachers who taught them in their formative years.

Not everyone can be a leader now, in this life, but everyone should be striving to qualify for future leadership—FUTURE RULER- SHIP. Without strong leadership from you as parents—which is cen- tered in your ability to be effective teachers—your children have lit-

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