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Basic message – We share what we have because Jesus would do the same.Wanting to be like Jesus, ADRA workers help people in many ways. One way is to collect food, clothing, tools, building supplies, blankets, and other items.These things are packed into boxes and loaded onto boats or airplanes for shipping to countries hit by disasters.

Activity one: A boat on wheels or a child’s car can be used to transport children to another land where they will share (have a variety of items) with children. Repeat the“trip”until every child has had a ride.

An alternative is to have a shallow tub of water in which a toy boat can be floated as children pretend to ship food and clothing.Ahead of time make cubes of Styrofoam that will fit onto the boat.Have the children stack the load,steer the boat,and then unload.Repeat so that all the children get a turn.Caution: Do not leave the water tub unattended.Empty it immediately to avoid spillage or other accidents.)

Activity two: Repeat this activity using trucks. Prepare ahead of time a geographical map on a plastic tablecloth. Include roads passing mountains, streams, trees, villages, and fields. Children drive the truck of supplies from an airport or deep-sea port to a refugee camp on the other side of the map.

Activity three: Find props for tasks that require teamwork, such as broom and dustpan. Have two children work together to perform the task. Repeat so that everyone has a chance.

Songs – [Sing sharing songs, such as“I have two apples and you have none.”]

Craft – Picture

Use the template from Day Nine to make each child a copy of“Give a Hand.”Put the child’s name and the date on the back before applying paint. Spread out newspapers and finger paints. Station someone at the sink or clean-up area, which is stocked with mild soap and paper towels. Have two adults or teens each work with half a dozen children. After the child chooses a color, one adult applies paint to the child’s fingers and palm. Instructing the child to hold hand and fingers straight, the adult carefully presses it onto the paper. A paper towel is used immediately to remove extra paint.Then the child goes to the clean-up area for a thorough hand-washing.The finished prints are allowed to dry. Display them on a table until closing program.

NOTE: If you will be doing the craft in Program 3,take a picture of each child today


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