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to put up fences so that animals cannot eat or trample the vegetables. Invite the children to save a garden by putting the stuffed animals in the fenced area or, by keeping the animals outside of the fenced garden.

Songs – [Songs about health]

Craft – Picture

Use the template from Day Three to make each child a heart out of construction paper. Put the child’s name and the date on the back. Spread out newspapers. Have two adults or teens each work with half a dozen children. Allow each child to decorate the outside edge of their heart with crayons and/or stickers. Using a glue stick, help the children paste their picture onto their decorated heart frame. Display them on a table until closing program.







Basic message –Disaster, such as floods and earthquakes, damage houses and force people to leave their homes, clothing, and other belongings.Tell the story of Noah’s ark found in Genesis 6-9, emphasizing that Noah spent a lot of time preparing.

Activity one: Place a large empty box at the front of the room.This will be the“Ark.”Hand out stuffed animals to the children, which they hold until the animals enter the ark.Then they bring their animals to the ark and place them in the box.

Activity two: When you end the story, mention that the rainbow is a sign of hope.When we care about people and help them, we give them hope. If possible, have bubble blowing fluid and bubble-maker; allow the children to take turns making a few bubbles and observing the rainbows in the bubbles. If you have a day program and would like to take the children outside – this is a good outside activity.

Activity three: Place a sturdy, medium-sized box in the front of the room. Hand each child a container of food. Empty cereal boxes are fine, but don’t use heavy cans of food, since the children could drop them on their toes. Explain that this box will be given to someone who is hungry. Have children put their item in the box while the group sings songs about sharing.

Activity four: Repeat the activity with another empty box, substituting clothing for canned food.

Songs – Sing songs about sharing and Noah and the flood.


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