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Microsoft does not support the use of NIC teaming software. Support for these third-party technologies must be provided by the vendor.


Blade servers are recommended for any of the host server architecture patterns. Careful analysis of network and I/O requirements must be performed to ensure that each blade server and the blade chassis itself can handle the total I/O required.

Blade servers are also excellent candidates if multiple departments or business groups are going to have dedicated Hyper-V hosts or small groups of hosts.

Large SMP Servers For the purposes of this document, large SMP servers are defined as those that

have 8 or more CPU sockets. At the very high end, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition on 64-bit hardware can support servers with up to 64 CPU sockets and 2 TB of RAM. Many of these very high end servers include advanced features such as hardware partitioning, hot-add of resources, hot spare components, and so on. Hardware of this capacity has the potential to host hundreds of virtual machine guests.

While providing an excellent consolidation ratio, large SMP servers are typically much more expensive than the commodity 2- and 4- socket servers described earlier. A fully populated 32-socket large SMP machine can easily cost over $500,000 USD, compared to a 4-socket commodity server costing $30,000 USD.

A large SMP server or large SMP server cluster may be appropriate if a very large number of servers will be consolidated, if the organization has operational experience with large ―mainframe‖ class servers, or if they have already standardized on large SMP hardware.


Large SMP servers are only recommended for organizations that have excellent operational experience with large mission-critical servers or those that have already standardized on this platform.

Processor Architecture Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V requires x64 processor architecture from

Intel or AMD, as well as support for hardware execute disable and hardware virtualization such as Intel VT or AMD-V.

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