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provides the switch UseLocalVirtualHardDisk for the new-VM cmdlet without the network copy. You can create a template which includes the OS answer file and references a dummy VHD which is not used. This feature is only available using Windows PowerShell™.)

This is a sample script:

Get-VMMServer -ComputerName "VMMServer1.Contoso.com" $JobGroupID = [Guid]::NewGuid().ToString() $Template = Get-Template | where {$_.Name -eq MyTemplate"} $VMHost = Get-VMHost | where {$_.Name -eq "VMHost.Contoso.com"} Move-VirtualHardDisk -IDE -BUS 0 -LUN 0 -Path "L:\OS.VHD" -JobGroup $JobGroupID New-VM -Name "VM Name" -Path "L:\" -Template $Template -VMHost $VMHost - JobGroup -$JobGroupID -UseLocalVirtualHardDisks

Security Considerations

General Security Considerations Consider the following information when planning a System Center Virtual

Machine Manager deployment:

  • When using multiple Active Directory forests, a bidirectional trust relationship is required to install System Center Virtual Machine Manager components.

  • By default, virtual machines are run in the security context of the account that started the machine. For enhanced security, an account with a low level of privileges can be specified.

  • When using a remote instance of SQL Server, the instance must run under an account other than LocalSystem.

  • Self-service users might be asked for credentials when connecting to virtual machines. To avoid this, add the host name to the Local Intranet sites in Security Settings or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.

  • When adding a virtual machine host or library server, System Center Virtual Machine Manager installs the System Center Virtual Machine Manager server‘s machine account as a local Administrator on the managed computer. Ensure that groups restricted by Group Policy do not remove this account; otherwise, System Center Virtual Machine Manager will not function correctly.

Security Vulnerabilities To avoid common security vulnerabilities, consider the following:

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