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the source machine to have at least 512 MB of physical memory. Additional storage and network drivers may need to be provided so WINPE can successfully image the source machine.

  • Updates requirement (if needed). A P2V conversion may require that additional files be added to the internal System Center Virtual Machine Manager patch cache. In this case:

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      Use the information that is provided by the wizard to identify which updates are required.

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        Obtain the patch files and copy them to the Patch Import directory on the System Center Virtual Machine Manager server.

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        Click Check Again to continue running the wizard.

  • Bad sectors that do not transfer. Bad sectors on a disk cannot be transferred during a P2V conversion. To avoid data loss, run a disk maintenance tool (such as chkdsk) on the source machine prior to migration.

Pre-Migration Considerations To be assured of the maximum chance of success in performing P2V migrations,

additional considerations must be taken into account. The following sections describe these considerations.

Testing The methodology for performing the P2V migration should be thoroughly tested

and documented in an isolated lab environment prior to performing the migration in the production environment. Ensure that the following areas of migration are thoroughly tested and documented:

  • Pre-migration server preparation. Test and document the procedures for ensuring that the P2V candidate machine is in good working order by running chkdsk and defrag and performing the applicable hardware diagnostics.

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager configuration. Verify that the recommended configuration and placement of System Center Virtual Machine Manager suits your needs.

  • Disaster recovery. Prepare contingency plans for recovering failed P2V migrations or for restoring service to the source hardware in the event of unplanned complications post-migration.

  • P2V tool usage. Some P2V scenarios will include operating systems that are not directly supported by System Center Virtual Machine Manager, necessitating the use of VSMT or a third-party tool for the P2V migration.

Migration Ordering

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