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    Scholarships Awarded and Research Experience Abroad:

  • 1.

    Scholarship awarded by Basel Mission, Basel and University of Basel

Switzerland for research on Socio-economic Study of the Basel Mission Model Evangelization in Coastal Karnataka at the Basel Mission Archives, Basel, and University Library, Basel, Switzerland in 2002.

2. Scholarship awarded by Charles Wallace Trust, London, United Kingdom for research in the United Kingdom in 2001 on the topic entitled Christians in Colonial Coastal Karnataka in Historical Perspective (1800 – 1900 A.D)

3. Scholarship awarded by Fundacao Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal in 2000 for research on Padroado Propaganda and the Konkani Christians of Coastal Karnataka in Historical Perspective at the National Library, Torre do Tombo Archives and Arquivo – Historico Ultramarino, Lisbon, Portugal in 2000.

  • 4.

    Seminars and Research Papers in Relation to History:

    • i)

      History of Konkani Catholics of Canara: presented at the World Convention of Konkani Catholics of Canara, Mangalore, December 26-29, 2004.

    • ii)

      The Concept of Samanvaya in South Canara: presented at Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, in August 2004

    • iii)

      The Basel Mission and Jesuits in Mangalore: a Comparative Study published by Studies in the History of Christianity in the Non – Western World edited by the Harrassowitz, Koln, Germany 2003.

    • iv)

      Submitted a paper on the History of Samanvaya in Coastal Karnataka in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, August 2003.

    • v)

      Submitted a paper on The Basel Mission and Jesuits in Mangalore : a Comparative Study at the International Ferdinand Kittel Conference, Stuttgart, Germany in May 2003.

    • vi)

      Submitted a paper on Konkani Christians in Coastal Karnataka during the th

Colonial Period (1800-1947 A.D.) at the 17P European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, Heidelburg, Germany in September 9-14, 2002.

vii) Participated at the Mission Fest at Mission House Basel Switzerland, June 2002.

  • viii)

    Presented a paper on Karavali Karnatakada Parampareyalli Samanvayakke Kraistara Koduge on February organized by the Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University at the Seminar on “Religious Harmony in Coastal Karnataka Heritage”, 2002.

  • ix)

    Keladi Veerashiva Nayaks and Konkani Christians - Published in Sharana, yearly Veerashiva publication of JSS, at Mysore 2002.

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