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    Organized a seminar on The Concept of Samanvaya in the History of Karnataka on March 11, 2001 at Mysore.

  • xi)

    Paper on the Marriage Customs of the Konkani Christians published in New York, United States of America in May 2001.

  • xii)

    A paper on Tipu Sultan and the Captivity of the Konkani Christians of 1784 An Evaluation at Karnataka History Congress in April 2001.

  • xiii)

    Research paper on Land System – An Overview published in POLI. A commemorative volume for Canara 200, Mangalore, 2000.xiv) Research paper on Christians in South Canara published in POLI. A commemorative volume for Canara 200, Mangalore, December 2000.

  • xv)

    Research paper on Padroado Propaganda and the Konkani Christians of Coastal Karnataka in Historical Perspectives in Lisbon, Portugal, December 2000.

  • xvi)

    Directed a project on the parish history of Omzoor, one of the earliest Konkani Christian settlements in Coastal Karnataka, 2000.

  • xvii)

    Presented a paper on Konkani Christians Peasants and Thomas Munro in


South Canara at the 16 European Conference on ‘Modern South Asian Studies’ held at Edinburgh, United Kingdom from 6-9 September 2000.

  • xviii)

    Participated in a seminar on Peace and Value – Education held at Department of Inter-religious Relations, Madurai Kamraj University from 10

    • 16, January 2000.

  • xix)

    Participated in the consultation on The Heritage of the Basel Mission in India Mangalore, January 2000.

  • xx)

    Presented a paper on Captivity of 1784 by Tipu Sultan at the convention the Bi-Centenary celebration of the Captivity – organized by the C. Y. M of the Diocese of Mangalore and Bi-Centenary Celebration Committee, Mangalore at Jamalabad Port, Belthangady, December 1999.

  • xxi)

    Member of the District Administration Editorial Board, Dakshina Kannada of Canara 200, a commemorative volume detailing the 200 year old history of Dakshina Kannada District, 1999.

  • xxii)

    Presented a paper on The Captivity of the Konkani Christians and Their Liberation in 1784 at the symposium organized by Chair in Christianity and Canara Catholic Association of Mangalore Diocese - Mangalore August 1999.

  • xxiii)

    Organized a seminar on Study of Religion in Education, from the Historical Perspective, Mangalore, November 1999.

  • xxiv)

    Presented a radio talk on the concept of Samanvaya on All India Radio, Mangalore September 1999.

  • xxv)

    Presented a paper at on The Contributions of the Christians to the Religious Harmony in the Heritage of Coastal Karnataka Mangalore, September, 1999.

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