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ARRIVED students, L to R, Ekatyerina Sivolapova, Elena Berdenikova, Ilya Ivano , Alex Kormschikov.

T he U. S. Congress is now considering a bill that would replicate Methodist College’s ARRIVED program on a massive scale. ARRIVED is an acronym for American-Russian Regional Institute for Visionary Entrepreneur Development. Launched in the fall of 1999, the program awards full scholarships to outstanding Russian students who wish to pursue business administration degrees.

It was conceived by College President Elton Hendricks as a means of 1) assisting in the economic development of the Russian Federation, and 2) teaching the value of entrepreneurship and an “enlightened” capitalism that requires those who practice it to accept moral and ethical responsibility for the welfare of others.

Methodist covers all tuition and fees for ARRIVED scholars up to four years. In return, recipients are expected to return home to Russia after graduation to become working capitalists and help promote the free enterprise system there.


Methodist College Today

U.S. Congress considers a bill to replicate Methodist College’s ARRIVED Program… on a national scale!

H. R. 3027, a bill introduced by Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, has as its stated purpose “to propose principles governing the provision of International Monetary Fund assistance to Russia.” Entitled “Russian Economic Restoration and Justice Act of 1999,” the bill has been referred to the Committee on Banking and Financial Services and the Committee on International Relations.

A key provision of the bill would set aside a block of funds for the International Monetary Fund to bring 15,000 Russian students to the U. S. “to study economics, business administration, and agricultural production so that they can return to Russia to develop the human capital to support a free market system.”

Benny Pearce, who coordinated the ARRIVED program last year and worked with Omsk State University in Russia to recruit additional applicants for 2001-2002, said the program is a credit to Methodist and to Dr. Hendricks. He feels strongly that staff, alumni and friends of the College

Summer 2001

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