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should lobby their representative in Congress for passage of this bill, “Because a strong free market economy in Russia will open new markets for American goods.”

Meanwhile, eight ARRIVED scholars continued their studies at Methodist during 2000-01 and four more recipients were recently selected and are due to enroll this fall. Under current plans, Methodist will select four more ARRIVED scholars next year, capping the program at 16 students. Methodist College will graduate its first ARRIVED scholar this December.

“The establishment of the ARRIVED program by Methodist College represents a bold and visionary approach to

giving Russia meaningful assistance in an area where it is needed most,” said George Blanc, vice president of student development and services. “Methodist has also benefited from the ARRIVED program by having the opportunity of hosting some of the best young minds that Russia has to offer.”

Natalya akovleva

The first eight students have done well at Methodist and are already thinking about how they will use what they have learned when they return

home. All are currently working as summer interns at major American resorts.

Their responses to a recent survey by the College’s Public Relations Office indicate they are well- traveled (most had visited at least five U. S. cities) and clearly focused on their career goals. All are optimistic that the free enterprise system will take root in Russia.

The following are excerpts from the survey:

What do you like best about America? about Methodist College?

“The feeling of security.”—Roman Trudnenko, junior from Moscow

Roman rudnenko

“The freedom to make my own choices and decisions; Methodist’s small classes and nice environment.”—Natalya Yakovleva, junior from Ufa

“Diversity.”—Elena Berdenikova, senior from Omsk “People here do not depend on society’s opinion, which can be very limiting.”—Ilya Ivanov, junior from Omsk

What has been your favorite course to date and why? “Joe Doll’s ‘Business Organization and Management’ class.”—Roman Trudnenko

“‘Financial Institutions and Markets’ with Dr. Zimmerman.”—Alex Kormschikov, junior from Yoshkar-Ola

“The theatre class I took last semester. It was a very interesting course.”—Ekaterina Sivolapova, senior from Omsk

“‘Managerial Finance.’ Dr. Marr made that class fun and interesting.”—Elena Berdenikova

Summer 2001


“All of my resort classes and food and beverage class, mostly because of excellent professors.”—Natalya Yakovleva

“Accounting, because it is interesting and easy for me.”—Ilya Ivanov

Do you know what you want to do

when you return home to Russia?

Jenya Sologub

“Work for Big 5 Accounting firms or open my own business.”—Jenya Sologub

“I want to work in the securities/

i n v e s t m e n t s f i e l d o r f i n a n c i a l s e r v i c e s a r e a . A l e Kormschikov x

“My dream is to build a golf course and open a country club.”—Natalya Yakovleva

“I’m going to finish my education there and get a job at an international company.”—Ekaterina Sivolapova

“I want to hug my mom.”—Elena Berdenikova “I would like to work for a large business or government entity. I have a strong desire to play a major role in the future Russian economy and politics.”—Ilya Ivanov

What do you feel is the greatest misconception Russians have about America?

“That all Americans eat at McDonalds.”—Roman Trudnenko

“That this is a country with enormous resources and no problems.”—Jenya Sologub

“Everybody is rich and there are skyscrapers everywhere.”—Natalya Yakovleva

“People in Russia tend to base their knowledge and opinions on Hollywood movies, not realizing that there is a whole different life of ordinary people.”—Ekaterina Sivolapova

“That it is easy here to become rich, famous, successful, or happy.”—Ilya Ivanov

What do you feel is the greatest misconception Americans have about Russia?

“That it’s a cold place, with nuclear weapons all around the country.”— Jenya Sologub

“Everybody likes to drink vodka.”— Natalya Yakovleva

“That Russia is really undeveloped and is a huge snow plain. There are big cities, colleges and businesses. People have fun, too.”—Ekaterina Sivolapova

Elena Bryxina

“That it’s always cold and that we have no food, no money and communism.”—Elena Berdenikova

“The word ‘communists’ which doesn’t apply to Russia anymore and has a different meaning from what Americans have used.”—Ilya Ivanov

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