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RURAL Arson Control


ment so investigators could complete reports while travelling between investi- gations.

The direct impact of this lack of support for investigators is to hinder them in the normal performance of their duties. Productivity is needlessly sacrificed when investigators are not equipped with basic investigative and administrative supplies. Indirectly, it undermines morale. Many investigators interviewed interpreted the lack of equipment as symbolic of the lack of interest on the part of their elected and appointed leaders in the arson control mission.

Current literature in the field of arson investigation reveals a number of suggested basic equipment and supplies listings. State and local officials might find it easier to justify expenditures to meet a minimum equipment listing if one nationally-recognized standard were adopted and publicized.

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State and local investigative agencies should be made aware of the Anti-Arson Funding Guidelines pamphlet produced by the insurance industry.

Agencies unable to secure funding though normal budgetary channels might find local and state insurance organizations willing to grant funds to purchase investigative equipment designated as a national standard.

Regional Arson Units

Need Statement:

Regional program for focusing arson control resources in areas with a high arson rate.


Multi-agency arson investigative units on the national, state, and regional

level have all amply demonstrated their effectiveness in controlling outbreaks of arson. One barrier to their more widespread use is lack of publicity on and

details about such organizations are formed and operated., Such a unit would bring to bear local, state, and perhaps Federal and private resources for a finite period to help local officials attack an arson problem beyond their resources to control.

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