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RURAL Arson Control


Arson Awareness Among Firefighters

Need Statement:

Need to raise the level of awareness among firefighters about their role in arson prevention, detection, and investigation.


Some respondents noted that rural firefighters do not rank arson as a high priority. Other subjects, such as hazardous materials, are a much greater concern. In some communities the desire was expressed for a training program that would orient firefighters to the importance of their contribution to arson control.

Three of the four counties had recent experience with the problem of firefighters themselves becoming fire setters and felt that such a training program could help to deter this behavior.

Arson Control Expert Concurrence

Agree 23

Disagree 1

Solution Options:

Develop either a training program or program components (such as audio- visual materials), designed specifically for the needs of the volunteer fire service, that could be integrated into the regular training schedule. Such materials would have to be divided into blocks of one or two hours each to accommodate the normal training pattern of volunteer departments.

Another technique is to return initial crews to the scene to view findings so they become aware of procedures used by investigators. This usually can be done “in service.”

Put on an arson awareness program like the one the York County (Pa.) Fire Chiefs and Firefighters conducted. It consisted of 10 one-hour slide presenta- tions to break it down into manageable time blocks and reinforce its message over a longer timeframe.

Spotlight local fire and arson investigation experience in locally-delivered arson awareness courses for firefighters.

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