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gasoline tanker truck, but with its human façade torn to tatters.As the films shooting script puts it, the Terminator is now definitely an It,not a He,because its internal metal structure is brutally inhuman. Still functional, it keeps after Sarah, but Kyle, for love of her, sacrifices himself to blow it to pieces.The surviving half continues madly,single- mindedly, to scrabble after Sarah, and we realize that for all its external trappings, the Terminator is not remotely human, but inexorable as a buzz-sawuntil Sarah manages to flatten it in a hydraulic press.

Before these events, Kyle has impregnated Sarah with a child, John, the future resistance leader. In the sequel erminator 2, the op- posing forces in 2029 each send back a Terminatora goodone to protect young John, and the badone, an improved T-1000model. Playing against this killing machine, the goodTerminator is admirable. It becomes a father figure to John, and with Sarah, the three become a kind of family.The comment from Glorias mother in Asimovs story Robbierings true:We have no idea what the creature is thinking, if indeed it thinks at all, but, programmed to act in a way that appears kindly, it elicits certain responses.Yet even the good Terminator re- mains confused by human emotion and cannot grasp why people cry.

erminator 3 follows a similar line, with the once-bad now-good Ter- minator again facing off against an evil android, this one, however, a female version.

The title characters in RoboCop and the television series, The Six Million Dollar Man, follow a different premise.They are not androids, but humans modified by implants or by merging with machine bod- ies to become cyborgs. The Six Million Dollar Man (based on a book by Martin Caidin) told the story of Steve Austin, a National Aeronau- tics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut who loses both legs, an arm, and an eye as a result of a serious aircraft crash. He is rebuilt at a cost of $6,000,000, remaining human in thought and appearance, but with nuclear-powered bionic additions that enhance his strength, speed, and vision.After coming to terms with his condition, he works as an agent for the U.S. government. His emotional outlook is helped when he meets a bionic woman, who is similarly rebuilt (but with enhanced hearing rather than vision) after a skydiving accident.

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