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THINK LITERACY: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12

Generating Ideas: Rapid Writing

Introduction to Marketing, Grade 11 (BMI3C): Marketing Opportunities (Key Competencies)

When students engage in rapid writing at the beginning of a writing assignment, they access their prior knowledge, engage with content, review and reflect, and begin to set direction for writing letters, essays, and other subject-based assignments.


  • Help students to start writing and ultimately to produce more writing.

  • Encourage fluency in generating ideas for writing on any topic, in any subject area.

  • Help students begin organizing ideas.

Payoff Students will

  • Rapidly generate fresh ideas about topics in marketing.

  • Write down ideas without self-editing.

  • Generate draft material for more polished work.

  • Complete writing activities on time, overcome writer’s block, and improve test-taking skills.

Tips and Resources

  • There are numerous opportunities for application of this strategy in Introduction to Marketing course planning.

  • A computer lab for word processing is an effective place for students to do this work.

  • This strategy may also be used

    • -

      to review classroom work, including previous notes, reading the text, magazine or newspaper

    • -

      in conjunction with brainstorming

  • Use rapid writing regularly in the marketing classroom, and have students select the day’s topic. Possible topics might include defining the term marketing, describing consumer profiles, recalling factors that impact buying decisions, listing competition in the marketplace for products and services, gathering data to create surveys, brainstorming advantages and disadvantages of different types of advertising and media and recalling slogans.

  • Students can apply this strategy when writing tests or examinations by “scribbling down” information they are afraid of forgetting just before they begin responding to the questions.

  • For more information, see:

      • Student/Teacher Resource, Tips for Rapid Writing.

      • Teacher Resource, Rapid Writing Exercise.

Further Support

  • Write the topic on the board, and do not repeat it orally if a student comes in late. Instead, point at the board. This also reinforces the topic for visual learners and for students who have poor aural memory.

  • Encourage students to use the rapid writing strategy to overcome anxiety for tests or assignments.

  • Use timed writing for parts of a task (e.g., as many words as possible in three minutes, then as many more as possible in the next three minutes).

  • Vary criteria and the amount of time you give students: some students may need to work in point form or stop and break after three minutes.

  • Save completed rapid writing samples to use later to teach writing conventions or organization of ideas.

  • Create a competition for the longest lists in the quickest time.

  • Post the topic-related vocabulary in the classroom as an aid for struggling students.


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