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THINK LITERACY: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12

Pair Work: Think/Pair/Share

Introduction to Marketing, Grade 11 (BMI3C): The Marketing Mix (Advertising)

In this strategy, students individually consider an issue or problem and then discuss their ideas with a partner.


Encourage students to think about a question, issue, reading or visual, and then refine their understanding through discussion with a partner.

Payoff Students will

  • Reflect on subject content.

  • Deepen understanding of an issue or topic through clarification and rehearsal with a partner.

  • Develop skills for small-group discussion, such as listening actively, disagreeing respectfully, and

rephrasing ideas for clarity.

Tips and Resources

  • Use Think/Pair/Share in Introduction to Marketing for almost any topic. For example: determining best medium for advertising a product, comparing a variety of advertisements for quality and appeal, and creating and evaluating the quality of logos and slogans.

  • Use it to help students with their in-class reading. Ask them to read a chapter, think about the ideas, and then take turns retelling the information to a partner.

  • Use it at any point during a lesson, for very brief intervals or in a longer timeframe.

  • Increase the amount of time devoted to Think/Pair/Share, depending on the complexity of the reading or question being considered. This strategy can be used for relatively simple questions and for ones that require more sophisticated thinking skills, such as hypothesizing or evaluating.

  • Take time to ensure that all students understand the stages of the process and what is expected of them.

  • Review the skills that students need to participate effectively in Think/Pair/Share, such as good listening, turn-taking, respectful consideration of different points of view, asking for clarification, and rephrasing ideas.

  • After students share in pairs, consider switching partners and continuing the exchange of ideas.

  • See other strategies, including Take Five and Discussion Web for ways to build on the Think/Pair/Share strategy.

Further Support

  • Some students may benefit from a discussion with the teacher to articulate their ideas before moving on to

share with a partner.

  • Provide other presentation options for communicating a student’s ideas to the class.


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