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THINK LITERACY: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7-12

Writing for a Purpose: Using Templates: Writing a Marketing Plan

Introduction to Marketing Grade 11 (BMI3C): (Marketing Opportunities)

When students can get the “picture” of a form of writing in their heads, they feel more confident about creating the final product. A template or framework is a skeletal structure for a writing form that allows students to organize their thoughts and researched information in order to write a first draft.


  • Provide students with a template to scaffold their understanding of a marketing plan and help them organize information before drafting the piece.

    • -

      Describe the intent of the marketing plan.

    • -

      Describe the general steps the student will need to take to create a marketing plan.

Payoff Students will:

  • learn the common expectations for the form and components of a marketing plan.

  • organize their writing and ensure that it meets the requirements of the assignment.

Tips and Resources

  • To help students understand how to construct a writing assignment, they may first need to deconstruct an example of that assignment. Reference to marketing plans in Marketing or Entrepreneurship textbooks is recommended to provide guidelines and samples for students. The same template that is used for structuring student writing can be used initially to analyze examples of a writing form. Using the template to deconstruct a piece of writing before writing their own version gives students an exemplar from which to work when they begin their own writing. This activity can also be done in pairs or in small groups.

  • There are numerous opportunities for application of this strategy in BMI3C, Introduction to Marketing, course planning. The course profile recommends that the marketing plan be tied into other units as appropriate topics are introduced.

  • See the explanations and templates for writing a marketing plan, in the following resources:

    • -

      Student/Teacher Resource, The Marketing Plan Components

    • -

      Student Resource, Marketing Plan Template

  • A computer lab for word processing is an effective place to carry out this activity.

  • Use in conjunction with Peer Editing, p. 132, Think Literacy Cross-Curricular Approaches Grades 7-12..

Further Support

  • The template for any individual writing assignment can be revised to make accommodations necessary for students with special needs (e.g., reduce the number of paragraphs or supporting details, create differing expectations for research or for the complexity of the main idea).


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