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1. Programs will promote the progress necessary that will allow the child to remain in their home, community, and local integrated educational placement of parental choice.

2.  Each child will generalize skills across the three life domains in order to live, interact and be educated with their typically developing peers.  

Family Based Outcomes

A.  The family has been trained to implement and maintain an effective intervention program.

B. The family members’ levels of stress in relation to the previously shown “risk factors” have been reduced to a level that they can maintain an effective intervention program.

C. The family’s participation in community activities can occur on a more frequent basis with an improved quality.   

Process Based Program Indicators

Below are the program areas that would be evaluated on a regular basis (these are not in order of importance):

A.  Level of proficiency of intervention team in implementing the program components.  (The goal of these assessments would be to determine if further assistance is needed for the team to function more effectively.)

B. Data Collection using objective measures along with social validation measures.

C.Effectiveness of the behavior plan which was created using functional behavioral assessment, communication inventory, sensory profile, re-enforcer assessment, and adaptive behavior check-list.  

D.Evaluation of parent stress and family dynamics relating to having a child with autism.

E.Periodic reviews of outcome data to determine if exit criteria have been met.

F.Team consists of trained individuals across disciplines who are active members of the team.

G.Efficient and effective communication, collaboration and cohesiveness among team members from across the three life domains.

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