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H.Regularly scheduled team meetings with consistent attendance of members with clearly defined agendas and specific delineation of roles and responsibilities.  Meetings are scheduled at times convenient to all members on the team. Parents are active and equal members of the team.

I.Child-based goals and objectives that are clear and complete and address the needs of the child and family that are based on a pre-assessment battery of child and family members.  

J.Program is well organized and each team has a program “book” which contains the collaborative service plan, data collection materials, graphs etc.

K.Program supports families – How confident do parents feel in implementing program goals?  Is there a process for parents to address concerns about service team or service plan?    

Summary of Recommendations

Increase the amount of funding

Eliminate administrative costs from the program allocation

Utilize a tiered/leveling approach to serving children

Develop a statewide certification training program that is mandated for                           all providers in the ASD program and provide five percent of the total program allocation to fund the training

Shift emphasis from crisis management to early intervention

Develop mechanisms to ensure providers meet qualification and certification standards

Develop an effective monitoring program based on clinical and functional outcomes

Mandate person centered planning and wrap around models

Ensure school involvement and prohibit cost shifting

Increase the service array and ensure that it is geographically diverse

Develop an adequate workforce

Future Plans and Concluding Statement

The Consortium will continue to meet in an advisory capacity to further refine their recommendations and to continue work with the SIAC.  Training has been identified as a crucial issue for ASD and future endeavors for the Consortium will focus on developing recommendation for a systematic training plan.  Long term goals also include addressing transitioning issues for youth and services for adults.

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