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HIST2802 Environmental Archaeology Prerequisites: HIST1801 or HIST1802 Provides basic definitions and descriptions of natural and cultural phenomena with a focus on human/environmental relationships in explaining past environments and human communities; cultural adaptive mechanism or strategies (technological, economic, etc.) used by human societies of the past in coping with changing environmental conditions are discussed.

HIST3017 The Spanish Caribbean 1810-1991: Nationalism and Underdevelopment This course addresses, inter alia, an assessment of various definitions of nationalism; the relationships between nationalism, social control, ethnicity, anti-imperialism, and in the modification of nationalist ideas in face of varied external pressures in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

HIST2900 Research Methods in History This course will provide students with a practical understanding of the various steps required to successfully prepare and independently assess the viability of research proposals. It will train them to locate the various types of evidence available to the historian and teach them how they should be used.

HIST3019 West Indies Cricket since 1870 This course examines the origins and development of West Indies cricket culture from the late nineteenth century to the present. It will also examine the social transformation of the sport from an elitist institution into a dynamic expression of popular social cultured resistance to imperial domination, of nationalism, and of regionalism.

Level III

HIST3003 Women and Gender in the History of the English-Speaking Caribbean This course examines the theoretical, methodological problems in the study of women, gender and history. It covers the era of colonization and slavery. It also deals with such post-slavery issues as the rise of the peasantry, the gender division of labour on agricultural units, immigration and the conditions of immigrant women, emigration and women’s participation in the socio-cultural and political life of the Caribbean in the inter-war and post-war years.

HIST3010 Protests and Popular Movements in the British Caribbean The struggles of British Caribbean peoples to reshape their societies during the first century of freedom.

HIST3020 Society and Economy in the British Caribbean, 1830-1870 A study in depth of the post-emancipation era based on documents, monographs, and other works.

HIST3030 The Evolution of Social Policy in Barbados This course will examine the development of social policy in Barbados since Emancipation. It traces the transformation in government and popular approaches to education, health services, poverty alleviation, housing, community development, culture and women’s affairs from a laissez faire orientation to the birth and interventionism of the Welfare State. This course caters especially to history, education, social work and other social science majors.

HIST3103 Brazil in the 20th Century A survey of Brazilian History from Abolition to the 1980s.

HIST3011 Barbados Business History Since 1900 This course examines the main developments and trends on the Barbadian business landscape between 1900 and 2000. It traces the growth of the merchant establishment, tourism, manufacturing and international business sectors and their social and economic impact.

HIST3105 Liberation Ideas in Latin America This course will examine how various Latin American thinkers have viewed the problem of freedom, and have endeavoured to put their ideas into practice. The course will cover the ideas of: Simon Bolivar, José Marti, Abdul Nascimiento, Che Guevara, Victor Haya de la Torre, Carlos Manviategui, and José Vasconcelos. Workers’ liberation within the context of anarcho-syndicalism, Peronism, socialism and communism, the growth of Lieberation Theology and Latin America Feminism.


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