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HIST3106 History of Carnival in Brazil The course is designed to present a view of the cultural history of Brazil. The course will identify the origins and trajectory of the Brazilian Carnival, in relation to political, racial, social and economic aspects of Brazilian history.

HIST3402 Victorian England This course examines the development of English Victorian society and economy with an emphasis upon urbanization and industrialization.

HIST3202 Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction 1820-1877 The course is intended to undertake a detailed investigation of the issue of slavery from 1820, through the Civil War and terminate with an examination of Reconstruction and its implications for African Americans to 1877.

HIST3405 Spanish Republic and Civil War This course will examine how - against a background of World Economic Depression and the rise of European dictatorships - the multifarious problems associated with regionalism, lack of land reform, violent anti-clericalism and anarcho-syndicalism led within six years to a military ‘pronunciamiento’ against the Republic and to the outbreak of Civil War.

HIST3301 The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in South Africa This course will examine the historical and ideological origins of apartheid and the implementation of the apartheid system after 1948. It will conclude with a discussion of the factors leading to the collapse of the apartheid regime.

HIST3302 Industrialisation and Culture in South Africa: Cultural History This course examines the development of the industrial capitalist system and the institutionalization of racism in South African economy and society.

HIST3304 Liberation Struggle in 20th Century Africa This course will compare the history of liberation movements in selected African countries in the twentieth century. These countries are Algeria, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Eritrea, Zimbabwe and Guinea-Bissau.

HIST3406 Women in Europe Since 1750 This course considers the problems of studying women’s history by focusing on women in Europe from the French Revolution to the First World War.

HIST3701 Historical Investigation This course will introduce students to bibliography and editing, palaeography, map-analysis, cartography, analysis of statistics, oral history, basic archaeology and the interpretation of aerial photographs.

HIST3801 Historical Archaeology A general survey of Historical Archaeology, its definitions, techniques and methodological approaches, sources used by the Historical Archaeologist and their limitations, material culture of the historical period generally and analytical approaches to different types of evidence.

HIST3306 West African Economic History 1880-1960 This course examines the economic development and underdevelopment of West Africa from the late nineteenth century to the present.

HIST3802 Field School in Archaeology This course is offered during the Summer for a period of six weeks. Students gain practical experience and hands-on training on an archaeology dig.

HIST3307 West African Political History since 1880 This course examines the major political issues and developments within West Africa since the 1880s.

HIST3312 Women in 20th Century Africa This course examines the major historical problems/issues associated with women in twentieth century Africa.

HIST3803 Archaeology of Africa Early man his exploitation of the environment. The ‘out of Africa’ hypothesis and the origin of modern man. Agriculture, metallurgy, towns and trade in sub-Saharan African Kingdoms. The impact of Islam, and the arrival of the Europeans. African archaeology today.


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